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Do you know how to To Find The PERFECT Watch?

tips to buy men watch
R Varsh

Do you always get confused while buying a watch? Don’t worry, here we have the best tips to choose suitable watches.

A watch is an indispensable accessory that is essential for every man. You wear your watch almost every day. Your watch is an extension of you and must be perfect. You want to be stylish and functional while also looking for something that expresses your personality when shopping for a timepiece. A watch that suits you will be more comfortable with your outfit and lifestyle. You can find the perfect watch for you, no matter your interests. When shopping, put it first. Your new accessory will suit your needs in every way.

These are the best 6 tips to find suitable watch

Understanding watch movements.

It would help if you also understood the differences in watch movements and materials before you shop. These are factors that can influence both prices and styles. Quartz movements, which require a battery, are generally cheaper than mechanical watches with manual-winding and self-winding functions. Watches made of stainless steel tend to be less expensive than titanium, carbon fiber, or lighter-weight carbon. They also have a higher price point than those made from more noble metals. This will allow you to do some of your research.

Be aware of styles and features.

We had suggested earlier that you think about the receiver of the watch. This is because buying a watch is the most important decision. If you’re looking for a practical watch that can be read quickly and doesn’t have many functions or gadgets, a three-hand model with a simple dial might be the right choice. Consider watches with unusual case shapes or colors for style if the recipient is a fashion hound. Also, features are essential, and it is worth considering features such as a chronograph for a keen sportsman.

Consider the brand name.

It’s a little more complicated to think of brands. You don’t necessarily have to buy one watch brand. However, it’s helpful to know the top brands across all price points. Before making a purchase, You have to do online research. Even if your budget is limited, more established branded watches may offer a better selection. Personal taste also plays a part when looking at more expensive watches. Some people are highly brand-conscious and choose a significant brand, while others are drawn to lesser-known brands.

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What is the Case Diameter or Size?

This depends on the size and shape of your wrist. I recommend that you go to a jewelry shop and try on different styles of men’s watches to see which one suits your wrist best. You may want a big and heavy watch if you’re taller than average. If you are smaller, you may want something lighter and slimmer to suit your proportions.

The ideal watch for most men is one with a diameter of 40mm.

The watch face should be matched to your proportions. If you are wearing tight-fitting sleeves, it is also important to consider the thickness.

What Materials and Colors are It Made of?

Watches are available in many different cases, faces, and other materials and colors. It comes down to your personal preference and the fashion message you want to make.

Because they can match almost any outfit, some people prefer all-black watches. While silver and gold are more conventional, they can be worn with just about anything.

I recommend taking a look at your current jewelry and rings. It would help if you chose something that complements your wedding band rather than clashing with it.

Water Resistance Level?

Some watches are “water-resistant,” meaning they offer some basic protection from humidity. While they can take some water while you wash your hands, they should not be worn in a pool or taken to the beach.

If you plan to submerge your watch, make sure it is at least 50M of 5ATM. This means it can keep its seal for up to 50 meters.

Check out the what are the  Different Watch Styles

We’ve already discussed the differences between functionality and aesthetics, but many men’s watches styles are. This is where you can find your style and find something comfortable.

Each style has a lot to do with history and heritage, but I will try my best to give you a quick overview.

  • Dressup Watches Thin and elegant, but still formal. This style is great for black-tie events.
  • Fashionable Watch: A brand that doesn’t make the most revenue from watches sales.
  • Racing type Watches This style is very distinctive in comparison to the other styles. The tachymeter scale allows drivers to calculate speed.
  • Diving Watch This watch has the thickest case of all watches and is made for those who are more nautically inclined.
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  • Digital Watches A watch that shows time using digits instead of a dial
  • Smartwatch, This type of digital watch offers all the same features as your smartphone.
  • Field Watch – A watch for harsh conditions. This watch is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Aviator’s Watch: This style often has a GMT chronometer and a bezel. Sometimes, it can also track multiple timezones. The crown is larger and can be used to turn while wearing gloves

Match your watch with clothing or other accessories.

Here’s a color guide to help you choose the right color for your men’s watch:

  • Wearing a brown belt with brown shoes is a good idea if your watch comes with a brown band.
  • With black shoes and a black belt, a silver bracelet-style watch band or a black strap would be the best.
  • If your watch has golden tones, your belt buckle should have gold tones.
  • Wearing a blue suit? You may want to consider a watch that has a blue background.


How can I make a decision about which watch to buy?

It is important to evaluate what timepieces are already in your collection before purchasing a watch. You will also need to determine your man type, which will affect the watches you choose and wear. Are you active, outdoorsy, or a thrill-seeker? Do you prefer to be wealthy and tough? Some watches will suit every lifestyle, including classic dress watches and rugged field watches.

What kind of watches should a guy own?

Every man should own a dressy watch, field, and diving. Also, a GMT and chronograph are excellent options to purchase.

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