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Victoria Beckham’s Mother-of-the-groom Necklace

mother of the groom

The beautiful necklace that Mrs. Beckham wore to the Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding has sentimental value for her. Read more…

Victoria Beckham recently wore a mother-of-the-groom gold and diamond necklace. The diamond is 21.5 carat pear-shaped in the necklace and was gifted to her by her husband David Beckham on Brooklyn’s christening day. So, wearing that necklace to the wedding party added a sentimental touch to her look.

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The pendant is crafted from an English chain that features a wild bee motif that leads to a ‘fist’ symbol. This symbol is also known as “figa”, a talisman to protect from the evil eye and to bring good luck in one’s life. It is usually mean to be a gift for a close one.

Victoria looks stunning in her liquid metallic dress.

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