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Meta is not Going to Ask Employees to Come Back to Office

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More companies are bring workers back to office but Meta, formerly known as Facebook Company, is committing to a work-from-anywhere system. Read more..

Meta, the social media giant, is not planning to bring employees back to office. Unlike most companies that are calling employees back to work, Meta is going to be follow the work-from-anywhere trend that the covid crisis forced companies to begin following. Meta has doubled down on a model that allows the majority of its employees to work from anywhere.

Mark Zukerberg, the CEO of Meta, along with other top administrators seem to be taking full advantage of the policy. Meta has ambitions to transfer work to the metaverse and with the flexibility that the work-from-anywhere policy would align, Zukerberg is hoping to achieve his ambitions sooner than estimated. Even Naomi Gleit, the head of product, has relocated to New York.

“The past few years have brought new possibilities around the ways we connect and work,” said Meta spokesman Tracy Clayton. “We believe that how people work is far more important than where they work from.”

Executives are scattering to locations far from Silicon Valley headquarters. People are travelling, working from amazing tour destinations like Hawaii, Europe, India, etc. One of the employees, Shannon Chin was working and learning and now she is remotely working 2 jobs and also staying with her family near Toronto. What’s funny is most of us have new team members joining us but have not seen their faces after working with them for over a year.

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We have also covered a recent interview with Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Read about his thought on the Work from home culture.

In his words: “I see it as a new canvas on which we can develop newer ways, which make people’s work life more fulfilling and their personal lives more fulfilling.”

Talking about work and jobs, because of Russia’s constant bombarding on its neighbour, millions of people have fled Ukraine and reputable EU firms are rushing to hire talented Ukrainians to help them have their own living. Read about it here: European Firms Hiring Ukrainians to Show Support

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