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Ukraine Will Keep Fighting – Kyiv to Keep Up Defensive Efforts and Not Fall for Russian Promises

Ukraine attacks

Positive signals from peace talks are keeping the Ukrainian government strong and giving them faith to keep fighting and also maintain their defensive efforts. Read more..

Zelenskyy recently said that Ukraine will not reduce its defensive efforts. The positive signals from peace talks is giving him faith. Russia has agreed to fundamentally cut back offending the Ukrainian military forces and the area near Kyiv, however the Ukrainian military forces think that it could be a misleading information so that Kyiv reduces its defensive forces in that area. Trying not to fall prey to Russian tricks the President of Ukraine has decided not to act on the Russian lies. 

The Russians de-escalation promise seems to be tricky to even the United States. President Joe Biden urged Ukraine to still be cautious. The world is waiting to see if the Russian live up to their promise of cutting back offenses. 

On the other hand Russia is accusing the west of fuelling the conflict. They are saying that the west should not have sent weapons to Ukraine. 

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Meanwhile Russia again struck the Mykolaiv region on Tuesday. Several people lost their lives and there was massive destruction. Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to call for tighter sanctions against Russia while pointing out that Mariupol is almost completely destroyed. 

The evacuation corridors have reopened in the southeast areas of Ukraine. There was a day long pause in the process a day ago.

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