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Russia Continues Attacks – 5 Million Ukrainian Civilians Turn Into Refugees

russian war

Since the start of the Russian invasion, nearly five million people have fled Ukraine. Over 50% of Ukrainian refugees are women and children. Read more…

Russia’s invasion began in February and the bombarding is still going on almost at the same pace as before. About 5 million refugees have fled their country to move into Europe. Putin had given an ultimatum to the Ukrainian troops in Mariupol while roughly 1000 civilians were trapped at a steel plant in Mariupol and Zelenskyy said, “We may have only a few days or hours left,” but that ultimatum has expired and Russia continues to attack the suffering country ruthlessly.

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Environmental experts are warning of a ripple effect of problems because of this war. The long-lasting damage that the war is going to leave is going to affect the agricultural and industrial areas of Ukraine.

President Joe Biden would speak on Ukraine’s war amid the expectation of new military aid. From what we can hear, Ukraine is ready to hold a special round of talks, “without any conditions”, in Mariupol with Russian officials. The talks are going to be around the subject of saving the lives of the fighter and civilians that are trapped inside the city.

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