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European Firms Hiring Ukrainians to Show Support


Russia is not backing down, Ukraine is not willing to surrender, and amid all this and the potential third world war Ukrainians are suffering. So, EU firms are rushing to hire Ukrainians to show support. Read more..

Companies in Europe are stepping up to help the citizens of Ukraine who have fled the country with their families. Ukrainian refugees are being offered thousands of jobs so that they could make a living and feed themselves with respect.

Firms such as Adecco, showed their support in their recent post on Linkedin. They wrote:

“Today we are launching a global jobs platform dedicated to assisting displaced people from Ukraine to find work in the countries where they have taken refuge. It’s a free-to-post platform open to refugee candidates and companies everywhere.  
Finding work and meaningful employment is critical to enabling refugees secure financial stability and underpins their ability to begin new lives and secure futures.  

We are inviting organisations across Europe and beyond to participate in this initiative. Post your open roles and offer opportunities to people from Ukraine as they begin to re-establish their lives in neighbouring countries. 

Let’s #HopeForPeace ”

Ukraine is a modern country with lots of talent and skilled professional who can easily get jobs in other countries if they tried. Any firm would be proud to have them and benefited on having them on their team.

According to the NYTimes, German companies are touting thousands of jobs for Ukrainian refugees. In Portugal, companies are ready to offer language training to the refugees in order to help them find work there. For women with little babies to take care of, Lithuania is offering on-site child care so that Ukrainian moms can work seamlessly.

There are high-level engineering jobs, retail and factory jobs being offered to the citizen of Ukraine who had to leave their homes to protect themselves and their families from the Russian invasion. The outreach is happening we must all support this and help as much as we can.

You can show your support by sending money to Ukraine too. Read Send Money to Ukraine Only Via Trusted Apps and Websites

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