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China Also Unsure of Partnership with Russia after Ukraine Attacks

Ukraine Attacks

The world along with hating Russia is also hating China. Read more..

Xi Jinping’s main reason for partnering with Russia was to be able to confront the US as one big army, however China is reconsidering what it has said about having no limits in terms of friendship with Russia. The Ukraine attacks is forcing Beijing to worry about how Moscow is gradually getting isolated or in a more general language, hated, by the whole world.

The world along with hating Russia is also hating China.

“The world should get ready for a further significant deepening of the China-Russia security and economic relationship,” said Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) expansions are also being opposed.

The USA enjoys a full-fledged treaty with Europe, Japan, Australia and a few other countries that undergrids the strength of the US and also influences the world of its power. This same treaty is there, as of yet, between China and Russia while China is still a top trading nation with the West for certain very important technologies.

The US has threatened to impose sanctions on Russian banks in case of further attacks.

Daniel Kritenbrink said, “If Russia further invades Ukraine and China looks the other way, it suggests that China is willing to tolerate or tacitly support Russia’s efforts to coerce Ukraine, even when they embarrass Beijing, harm European security and risk global peace and economic stability.”

Several companies such as Shell and Apple have decided to pull back investments from Russia because of the Ukraine attacks. Here’s a List of companies from the western region who have decided to pull back from Russian Investment.

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