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5 Free Platforms To Create Apps In A Simple Way


The phrase “there’s an app for everything” is no longer a hypothetical statement. There is literally a mobile app for every problem, type of business, or activity. However, creating apps and getting downloads seems like a pretty difficult task for someone. Who has no prior knowledge of development and design.

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To solve this problem in this post we show you 5 platforms to create apps for free and very easy to use. You are ready?

How to create Apps yourself?


APPSTYLO app builder is a great solution for creating native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows phones. It can help you earn money through your apps. APPSTYLO also allows you to create unlimited applications for free. But limits some functionalities that you can access through paid subscriptions.

It supports automatic notifications and has Google Maps and Google Analytics natively. Allowing you to easily insert them into your application. Although its interface may not be very attractive.

Some of its additional features include support for a mobile store, streaming audio / video, web embeds, and databases. This app maker allows you to add code to add custom functionalities.


Dropsource is an innovative solution to create native mobile applications directly from your browser. This platform offers tools for the entire development process as well as documentation to help you get started. That said, if you have Dropsource. You don’t need any other tools to design, review, develop, test, and publish your apps, unlike Mobincube.

Dropsource provides a robust drag-and-drop user interface editor that helps prototype and build your applications with native elements. You can integrate data into your application using REST API rather than hiring app developer.

Once you are done, you can build and test your application on its emulator and share it to get feedback. When the application is ready, you can download the code or publish it directly on the App Store or Google Play Store.

The negative point is that if you want to create an app for Android and iOS you will have to create two different projects. Also, you can’t publish the app or download the source code on the free plan. However, if you are fast enough to create an app during the one-month trial period, then you can download it.

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Thunkable is another cloud solution for building native mobile apps for Android and iOS . It has a fantastic interface unlike Mobincube; however, it does not offer as many features as those offered by the latter and it also does not support the creation of applications for Windows Phone. However, Thunkable can help you create and monetize great looking apps.

Although Thunkable is not as mature as Mobincube. It does offer good documentation as well as tutorial videos to get started with the platform. Some of its features include modern interface elements, support for image and speech recognizers. Various databases, Admob, Google Maps, and IoT.

You can test the applications live on your mobile device or an emulator. And once you are done creating it, you can download and publish your application manually. Also, like Dropsource, Thunkable projects are platform dependent. That being said, if you need apps for Android as well as iOS, then you need to create and work on two separate projects.


Andromo is one of the best-known mobile app builders for creating Android apps. The most interesting thing is that their applications are multilingual by default with support for more than 20 languages, a feature that is missing from all the other solutions on this list.

It offers built-in functions and templates, which are easy to add to your applications. Some of them include an audio player, support for integrating Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, support for adding content from a website, radio and podcast player, PDF and RSS support, etc. It also has essentials like contact information and the photo gallery.

However, Andromo allows you to create only one application in its free plan (unlike Mobincube and Dropsource) and you cannot disable the ads or opt for its monetization feature. After you’ve created the app, you can publish it on the Google Play Store, Amazon Store, and other app stores and monetize it if you have a premium plan.


AppsGeyser is one of the oldest mobile app makers that requires no coding skills. Although it is not as functional and intuitive as the previous ones. It does not support iOS app building and is best suited for assembling web content into apps.

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That being said, if you are looking to build pretty apps, you can consider using any of the above solutions. However, if you are looking to create a mobile app for your website as quickly as possible, then AppsGeyser may be your best choice. It offers more than 70 application templates to start building your application without problems and the whole process is done directly in the browser.

You can include web content in your applications, use HTML5 functions, send pop-up notifications, add sharing and analytics functions, as well as geolocation functions. You can view or test your application in the browser and monetize it by displaying or selling ads.

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