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How To Become The Best App Developer In 2021?


If you are thinking about how to be an app developer and make a living from your applications in 2021. In this article we are going to explain the steps you must follow to achieve your goal.

Living from applications is a possible mission, it is not something that is achieved overnight. But with dedication and effort you can achieve it. There are people who earn a lot of money creating applications. We are talking about salaries of hundreds of thousands of euros a year. All this working from home or anywhere, choosing your own hours and without bosses. But yes, you will need to train in some areas and put a lot of effort and dedication to achieve it.

Learn to develop apps

This is the first requirement, if you do not know how to develop applications you will not be able to dedicate yourself to this. You have to take into account for which platform you want to develop your app. Since it is not the same to develop for Android than for IOS. As information to take into account. You should know that publishing an app on IOS can be much more complicated than doing it for the Android platform. Since they are much stricter in it.

Can Android apps be created without knowing how to program?

Yes, if you do not know or want or do not have time to learn to program you can do it through a platform called APPSTYLO. If this is your case, we recommend their app maker for android apps development.

ASO what is it and why is it important?

We have learned both how to create the app and how to publish it, but this does not end there. As you will see in both the App Store (IOS) and the Play store (Android) there are a multitude of apps of any kind. ASO is nothing more than the way to optimize our app to increase its visibility. That is, when a user performs a search in the application store, ours appears in the first positions. So, we will have a much better chance that ours will be downloaded and installed.

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So, it is a very important step to take into account since it may depend on this one point. That our app is a successor on the contrary that it does not receive downloads and our work has been in vain. You can create optimized apps using app builder for your business.

What theme do I choose for my app?

If you are thinking about how to make money creating apps for Android and / or IOS with your own applications. This point should appear in second place, just after learning how to create the apps. Because without knowing what theme or themes or what type of apps are the ones that more money, they can give us is like going blind. 

That is why a course that teaches us to choose the niche of our app. That is, the theme and the audience it is aimed at is a good investment. Since it can save us the time. We would need to publish apps on different themes until we find the right key.

The free Google course you need to make your application succeed.

Mobile applications have become a way of life for many developers. Android is an ecosystem with many facilities to achieve success, since you only need ingenuity, work and a computer to start your projects.

These facilities have created a very competitive environment for a gigantic market. And it is no longer enough to have a good idea and implement it, it is not enough just to know how to program. The application must be perfect and be prepared to better reach your audience.

Google is aware that all the necessary aspects for an application. To succeed and has enabled a series of courses for developers. The Google Play Academy for App Success prepares you to make the leap from being a good programmer to being a great developer. Some of the most interesting topics from the academy are:

  • How to monetize an application: If you want to make applications your livelihood, you have to learn to earn money with them. Always in a fair and honest way.
  • Evaluate the performance of your application: An application is not excellent because it is original, it must also be efficient.
  • Understand how Google Play supports your applications.

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