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Top 10 Goa tourist attractions

Manish Rathi

“We’re not traveling to escape life, but to escape us for life.” Do you belong to those who love to rejoice and rejoice in the zenith? You should then know the sites you want your mind to explore on Goa Tour. Goa will range from famous beaches, fantastic shacks, delicious Goan food to trendy streets, forts, and laid-back fishing villages like Agonda, Goa has a hand at everything. Goa could be India’s best beach vacation destination.

Take us on a journey through India’s most exciting area. These visiting places in Goa ensure that you keep returning for more!

1. Baga Beach in Goa:

Goa and the most popular beach of Goa are the beaches of Baga. This beach is located about 30 Km north of Panaji, close to Calangute beach. The night’s best time if you’re going to visit Baga. This is popular with many famous nightlife clubs like Brittos, Titos, and Mambos. Baga beach was named after the ‘Baga channel’ flowing into the Arab sea. One of Goa’s most popular beaches. This location is a tourist destination due to the stunning sunset and cool breeze. In the evening you’ll see some beautiful shacks with stunning music in your head.

2. All about Calangute Beach:

North Goa’s largest beach is known as the beach queen. This position in Goa is 15 km from Panaji Capital. This is one of the highlights in Goa. As one of Goa’s most beautiful locations, this draws many visitors from all over the world thanks to its festive and charming atmosphere.

It’s Goa’s busiest and most commercialized beach. It is a center for visitors from around the world. The sound of beats popping makes this one of Goa’s best places to visit. This place is packed with food joints and shakes.

3. Anjuna Beach

This beach is known for its incredibly beautiful soft glowing sand. One of the reasons for the beach tourist attraction is the beach parties here. This is an excellent sign of astonishing natural beauty on the west coast of Goa on the Arabian seaside. This beach has a wonderful rock formation popularly referred to as ‘Ozran’ or Anjuna jewel. This location will be best visited during the full moon.

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4. Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Jezuchi Bajillika Basilica in Goa is a UNESCO world heritage site. The building is situated in the middle of the town of Goa. The tomb and the ruins of St. Francis Xavier are in the Basilica of Bom Jesus. This place is still beautiful after 400 years and all the remains are in good shape. Goa was the capital of Portuguese rule in India until half a century ago and is part of its heritage. One of the best places to visit in Goa is the Bay of Bom Jesus Church which is recognized for its outstanding Baroque architecture. You don’t have to go to this location for a particular day as it’s open to visitors every day.

5. Palolem beach in Goa

This is one of the best beaches to go to in Goa, an incredibly beautiful beach in South Goa. This beach is the most untouched one, so tourist crowds can still take a look into this breathtaking beauty, which is surrounded by sloping sandy beds. The shore, with its crowded form of fishermen and tourists of all nationalities, is around 1 mile in length. Often, if you’re lucky, you can see dolphins in the beautiful water you can watch.

6. Fort Aguada:

Founded in 1612, this place was designed to defend against the Marathas and the Dutch. The vessels from Europe at that time were referenced by it. This Portuguese fort, with its wonderful architecture, is situated on the southern beach of Candolim on the shore of the river Mandovi. It had a freshwater supply that was used to provide water to boats that stopped before. The fort houses a Portuguese four-story lighthouse, built-in 1864, the oldest in Asia. Once on this spot, there were 79 cannons.

7. Tito’s, Calangute

If you are a party guy, the place you love to pub is the best place. When it calls up pubs in Goa Tito’s lane is a brand. With its music of Bollywood and a massive dance floor, the most eventful and commercial location attracts a lot of visitors. Private party spaces for chilling with friends are also available here.


8. Dudhsagar waterfall:

This place is called Dudhsagar literally ‘milky waterfalls,’ due to the waterfall’s color. The falls are situated in the river Mondovi, starting from the powerful peaks of the Western Ghats, one of the five highest waterfalls of the country and one of the 100 highest in the world. You can refresh this cool vision of the drops of water and the clattering of the water to the rock. This has also been attracted by many visitors for some film shooting as the place is breathtaking to watch.

9. Water Sports in Goa

In Goa, this is the perfect thing to do when it comes to water sports. If you want to fulfill all your dreams for water sports, this is the best spot. There can be no better place than Goa to sample the country’s water sports than one of India’s best beach destinations. This place is very famous for all its wonderful water sports, apart from the scenic beauty.

10. Flea markets:

You’re a freak shopping? Then you can buy a selection of items from this place. There is a market Anjuna and a market for shopping on Saturday night. Ingo’s market is another market such as this, open for about 6 months in the peak season during the year, where you can purchase from Turkey to Rajasthan and Cashmere t-shirts, products, shoes, jewelry, Indian and foreign cuisines. Live music is also available in this location.

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