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Why Vue.js+Laravel are Popular for Web App Development?

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Laravel is the best web framework in the technology industry. It provides you the most prominent features and development tools that promote rapid web app development. Vue.js and Laravel are the best combinations to build web apps.

Laravel allows developers to simplify Laravel development services with clean and reusable code. Laravel offers great flexibility for creating the ideal platform for creating online apps and websites. The major benefit of Laravel is it’s a free, open-source-side PHP web framework. It follows the Model View Controller architecture (MMV).

As per the MVC architecture, Laravel use some of the prominent JavaScript libraries for the ‘View’ component so that developers can get a full-stack solution with Laravel as a strong server-side PHP web framework and any of the popular JS frameworks as the powerful front-end player.

Laravel Development Services

If we talk about trends, most people work with Angular or React as they are two of the most trending front-end JS libraries in the framework niche. They have people’s trust because of tech giants like Google and Facebook supporting them. They think if giants like these are backing them up, it has to be the best framework. However, I don’t think it is the ideal way to decide on a front-end framework.

Today VueJS is one of the best frameworks gaining popularity with Laravel to develop a capable front-end development framework for making both single-page apps and enterprise apps.

Since we have VueJS for front-end frameworks to go with Laravel, it makes sense to analyze and compare this tool in the best manner possible, so we make the right decision for building your applications efficiently. Let’s get started – Laravel with VueJS

Vue is used for building single-page apps and great UI. As a JavaScript framework, it provides you compressive documentation which is very easy to understand. Since you are comfortable with basic HTML and JavaScript, you can develop apps fluently on Vue.

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Here are the prominent features of Vue you should know About –

Data Binding

Through data binding, you can manipulate elements of a webpage by using a web browser. Instead of complex programming and scripting, it uses dynamic HTML that helps developers to manage values or assign them to HTML attributes.


With the help of Vue, developers can apply transition in HTML elements once removed or added from the DOM. It has by default a transition component that has to be wrapped around the element for the transition effect. Also, you can use third-party animation libraries.

Virtual DOM

Vue makes use of a Virtual DOM so that developers can do direct changes that reflect in the DOM. There is also a copy of DOM which acts as a JavaScript data structure and helps the developer to save a lot of time.

Laravel with Vue

You doubt that how Laravel and Vue support each other as they both are based on the original programming language. Don’t think much, just get to the little core of it, Laravel and Vue support each other in more ways than one.

Let’s have a look over some of the top reasons for using Laravel with Vue:

Reactive components 

Vue helps you to create a full-scale event-driven web app that can manage all front-end activities. It allows you to use composable components that can be used as per the developer’s requirement. As Larval works with Vue, you can easily request data from the Laravel app and change the UI by switching components without reloading the page. You can make a content piece on your page editable and change it as per the need to request by a user without reloading the entire page.

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

Ideal for creating complex front-end pages

For creating an app with the frequent need for updates, you can use JavaScript for front-end web apps. Now you might face issues as the limitation of vanilla JavaScript, JQuery, and other JavaScript libraries that don’t us4e Virtual DOM will result in performance issues with frequent updates of the system. Hence, the load on the DOM gets so much that you start noticing performance lagging.

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Single Page Applications

Single Page Application is one of the most popular services in the industry. It allows you to create a dynamic web page instead of relying on thetraditional browser loading entire new pages.

The major benefit of SPA is the assets get loaded once and all other apps need to work as per user engagement with data request which typically requires low bandwidth to fulfill.

Vue is very easy to learn and provides developer space enough to experiment with code and to focus on writing code that works as JavaScript in all the different stages of your web app development project.

Here, your valid HTML is also a valid Vue template, so as a developer you can keep your CSS external as per your app’s requirement. It has prominent styling features and leveraging, where you can apply style changes to a single selected component on the go without affecting the other components.


No doubt Vue is easier to learn and has some prominent features that complement Laravel as well. They both support each other and have immense potential. For best services, Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Laravel Development Company to create stunning web apps and website solutions for your business.

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