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How does the Glass Manufacturing Industry benefit from Odoo?

John Kite

What makes the glass industry shine for years is its scope to adapt with the changing lifestyle requirements. The industry actually fits into the requirement of every industry to meet the modern design parameters, safety needs, and panoramic views. From interior designs to the daily use, the glass industry has conquered almost all spheres of lives. The entry of well trained professionals and marketing teams has taken this glamorous industry to unparalleled heights. More and more international companies are now hitting the market with their innovative products to diversify the industry and win more customers. Stiff competition is also there to win customers from different fields. It is at this time that Odoo makes its entry with a most fitting application which can set sail the industry to unpredictable heights.

Let us first have a look at the key modules required for improving the business in a glass manufacturing industry.

  1. Purchase management
  2. Sales management
  3. Inventory
  4. Manufacturing 
  5. Accounting management

The above listed modules can improve the business in multiple ways by easing the operations and automating the activities. It can support the operations in an effective way and help the employees manage all the tasks effortlessly.

Purchase Management

Purchasing the material can be considered as a prime task of every business. When it comes to managing purchase activities, we have to ensure that requests for quotations are raised so that we get a set of options to choose from. Once the quotation is found acceptable we can create a purchase order and then confirm the order. This will enable the user to receive materials after validating the order. 

Odoo purchase management module helps the business to gain strength by ensuring automated creation of RFQ and easy PO generation. This will assure that we get materials on time.

odoo glass industry

Odoo helps the user to manage the activities manually or automatically based on the configuration.

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Sales Management

Sales are an important segment of any business. If you are using Odoo ERP for the Glass manufacturing industry, you can easily get the best support for managing all your marketing and sales related tasks. Let us take a glance at how the Odoo Sales module can benefit your glass industry.

Suppose, you sell different types of glass used for making glass doors and interiors. Your salesperson will certainly want to sell the product. To manage this operation effectively Odoo allows you to

Manage Sales Team

Manage customers, generate quotations and manage Sale orders

odoo glass industry

Odoo can also support you to generate invoices using different templates. With Odoo you will be able to generate an invoice for Order    and the invoice to upsell.

odoo glass industry


Like every other business, inventory management is important for the Glass industry also. With Odoo Support this task can be eased. Odoo can help you manage different operations taking place in a glass industry.

Odoo’s inventory module will help to manage different operations and products. It will also help you to manage inventory reports.

Let us have a look at the key features of Odoo inventory which will help the Glass industry.

  • Manage receipt
  • PoS Orders
  • Internal transfer
  • Dropship
  • Delivery Orders

It can also support different operations including

  • Replenishment
  • Batch Transfer
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Scrap

Besides, product management also becomes easy when you are using Odoo for glass industry


  • Product
  • Product price
  • Product Variant


Odoo offers a comprehensive module for managing all manufacturing related tasks. Odoo manufacturing is a solution that can help you to control the work centres, plan and manage operations, product and product variant management, report generation and other activities. 

Let us have a glance at the key manufacturing operations supported by Odoo

  • Operations
  1. Manufacturing Order
  2. Work ORders
  3. Scrap

It helps to manage operations based on the manufacturing order and work order.

  • Planning
  • Odoo supports you to plan manufacturing by production and plan manufacturing by Workcentre
  • It also supports the management master production schedule
  • Products
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Odoo supports the management of products and product variants from the manufacturing stage itself. It also supports the generation of bills of material for each product and product variant.

  • Report management

With Odoo, the glass manufacturing industry can assure the effective analysis of manufacturing order and work order. Besides, Overall equipment effectiveness can also be assed with Odoo support.

Accounts Management

Managing the financial side of a business is important as it can help your business ensure the effective use of the money. It also assures transparency in the transactions. 

With Odoo, the accounts wing can manage customer invoices, vendor bills, bank accounts, and online cash transactions. 

odoo glass industry

Let us check different features of Odoo Accounts

When it comes to the customer

Odoo supports the management of

  • invoice
  • credit notes
  • payment
  • batch payment

When the accounts wing is dealing with the vendors

Then you can use Odoo for managing,

  • Bills
  • Refunds
  • Payments
  • Employee Expenses 

The Accounts module of Odoo also supports journal entries

  • Ledgers
  • Management of budgets and assets 
  • reconciliation

Localised reports and features also make Odoo accounting the most suitable accounting partner.

Employee management of multiple units

odoo glass industry

A glass industrial unit will have hundreds or thousands of employees to handle the daily jobs. Micro-level monitoring of working hours and the target completed by each employee can be easily tracked with the Odoo software. Such close monitoring will improve the production, timely achievement of the manufacturing targets and on-time dispatch of the products for market success. Firms with multiple satellite units can integrate their functioning with odoo and effectively ensure the surveillance over such units from a single point. The working hours can be calculated easily and the details of salary payment requirements can be measured without any flaws.

Effective communication

Effective communication between the company and customers form the strong ground for any business. Besides, communication between the departments and employees should be guaranteed for the growth of the business. For the customers, such effective communication will facilitate timely delivery of details about the arrival of new products, offers, added packages, delivery support, and customer-friendly deals. For the marketing team, email and SMS marketing will be possible through Odoo support. The sales wing can make use of SMS and Email communication for improving interaction with the buyers.

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Effective shipping and invoicing

The successful marketing of any glass product will depend upon its safe shipping and invoicing. Unlike any other industry, the packaging for shipping in the glass industry deserves special attention. Any flaws in the product packing can affect the reputation of the firm. So one must be prepared to meet such unexpected challenges. The accurate invoicing will be crucial here as it will only help the replacement of any unexpectedly damaged product for maintaining good customer relationships. Odoo ensures traceability of the product and shipping management.

odoo glass industry
odoo glass industry

Now, Let us examine the key benefits of using Odoo

  • It will help you to improve the efficiency of the plant by managing the work center and work hours.
  • It helps to generate reports in a way to manage sale order, purchase orders, and inventory details in a systematized manner. 
  • It can improve interdepartmental communication and thus improve performance. Besides, the customer-manufacturer communication also gets a boost with Odoo. 
  • You can easily ensure cost-effective operation by reducing wastage by managing bill of materials
  • Quality control management is another key area where Odoo can support you.

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