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How to stop the auto-renew service of Avast?

Suzanne Shanks

Avast is the most popular and globally known cybersecurity industry. It develops and distributes various programs and services for device and network security. These programs are available as freeware and paid plans. Users can purchase any of these Avast plans according to their requirements. When the user wants to use the paid Avast programs, he has to get a subscription. Avast offers a yearly subscription for antivirus plans. After getting your Avast license, users can run the premium security tools on the device easily. But you don’t program forever. When your license for Avast expires; it needs renewal. Users can either renew their license manually or go for an auto-renewal. If you need the Avast for a long time then you must go for auto-renewal. It will prevent your Avast license from expiring. But when you are not using Avast then stop the auto-renewal feature.

Steps for cancelling Avast Auto-renewal 

Cancelling your auto-renewal feature will stop the renewal of your current license. Users can cancel their Avast auto-renewal feature anytime. 

  1. Open the Avast website on your browser
  2. Go to the Sign-in icon and type your Avast credentials
  3. Open the Subscription window
  4. Click on your Avast subscription
  5. Hit on the Unsubscribe button
  6. You will get the confirm button
  7. Tap on Confirm button option

Tap the Got It button and now check the subscription window. Users will see the Avast license expiry date. After cancelling the Avast subscription; you can use the tool to the expiry date. When your program expires, you can access the free Avast tools. If you need Avast antivirus then you can go for Avast subscription renewal manually. 

Cancelling Avast subscription on Android

For Android, Avast provides a special program where you get phone and SMS protection features along with malware removal. For the Avast setup, you have to open the Play Store. People often use the multi-licensed plan on phone devices. Even if you have the license, you still have to install your Avast setup from the Play Store. After installing Avast setup, tap the premium button and enter the Avast key for activation. For a multi-licensed Avast program; you have to cancel your subscription from the admin device. But you are using an independent Avast setup on Android; use the play store for cancellation.

  1. Close all the programs and open the play store
  2. Click on the Profile button
  3. Tap on Payments and subscription
  4. Hit on the Subscriptions option
  5. Choose Avast from the license list
  6. Tap on the Cancel Subscription button
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Now tap on confirm and follow the commands. After cancellation, go to the Avast program. Tap on Profile and open subscription. Check the remaining days on your Avast.

Cancel your Avast subscription on Apple devices

Users can get the setup from the App Store by searching for Avast. The user has to install the Avast free setup on the phone. Open the Avast program and choose the premium option. Now you can get the license for your Avast program. If you are using the auto-renewal feature and want to cancel it then go to your App store.

  1. Open iOS phone and click on App Store
  2. Choose your Profile icon and check Apple ID
  3. Hit on the Subscription button
  4. Select the Avast option and tap on Cancel subscription

You have to tick on the Confirm button and follow the steps. After disabling the Avast auto-renewal feature; you can open the Avast program to scan your phone. After the expiry, you can remove the Avast setup as it won’t renew automatically.

Renewing Avast antivirus subscriptions

After cancelling Avast auto-renewal, the setup will not renew automatically. The plan will expire and then you can’t use the paid tools. However, if the user again wants to access the Avast premium tools, he can renew the Avast program manually. You can also use the manual renewal method when auto-renewal service is not available on your Avast plan. Users can also renew their Avast before the expiry date. The new license will start only when the previous one expires. 

  1. Open the Avast dashboard and go to profile
  2. Tap on subscription 
  3. You will get the Expire status
  4. Check the Renew button next to Expire status
  5. Tap on Renew and you will get the Avast renewal page

Choose a new plan for your Avast antivirus and fill in the details. After renewing the plan, you can use your antivirus on the device.

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