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How to make a request for an auto subscription refund?

Suzanne Shanks

In every device, people install several programs to perform various tasks. Most of these software are free. The user has to download the setup and install it easily. But for premium programs, you have to purchase a subscription plan. You can get a monthly or yearly license for the program. Once the user gets his license, he can use the tools and services until the license expires. Some of the programs have the auto-renewal service for a subscription. When the subscription ends; this service renews the program automatically. Users don’t have to open the subscription page and renew their license manually. But many times, users don’t need the subscription for the program but it gets renewed. When the program is renewed automatically; the user can ask for a refund. But the program should provide a refund policy. User to check for the services and terms for renewal and refund. When the subscription is under the refund policy then cancel it to get the refund.

Cancel your auto-renewal and get the refund

If you want to get a refund for the auto-renewal; go to the program’s site and check for its refund policy. Refunds for monthly subscriptions are available for only a few programs. In the yearly plan; auto-renewal is available on most of the plans. Most programs have a 15 days cancellation policy. If the user cancels his subscription within these days of auto-renewal; he can ask for a refund. 

  1. Open the program’s website on the system
  2. Click on My Account tab
  3. Type your username and provide the password
  4. Your program’s profile page will appear
  5. Choose the subscription tab
  6. Click on the license
  7. Select Cancel button

Select the Confirm button and your license will get cancelled. Go to the Contact page and go for the McAfee refund request. After checking your details; you will receive the refund confirmation message and get the refund in a few days. In case, your program is not available for a refund; cancel the subscription so the program won’t renew next time.

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Disable your program’s auto-renewal before the expiry

When the auto-renewal is enabled on the device but you don’t need the renewal then disable it. If you disable it before expiry; your program will not be renewed automatically. 

  1. Go to your programs account on the web
  2. Type the program’s credentials for login
  3. Go to the profile page and select subscription
  4. Select the license you want to cancel
  5. Hit the Cancel button
  6. On the confirmation page; tap on the Yes button

Your subscription page will start showing the expiry date. Check the remaining days on the subscription. You can use the service until that day. Now users can access the software without any worry. 

Cancel the subscription from Android 

On phone devices, users install and purchase the license from Play Store. Open the Google Play Store and search for programs. If the program is available for your device then you will get it there. In case the program is not on the play store then you can’t install it without making changes to settings. If you get the program from the Play Store; use it for cancellation also.

  1. You have to open the Play Store with the same account
  2. Tap on the Profile Tab
  3. Click on the Profile image
  4. Select the Payments and subscriptions window
  5. Go to Subscriptions
  6. Check for your program’s license
  7. Select the program
  8. Select the Cancel button

If the device asks you to Pause the subscription then hit on the No Thanks button. Now select a reason to cancel the subscription. Finally hit on the Cancel Subscription button and the program’s subscription will get cancelled. Go to the contact tab and check for a refund option. Provide the required details for getting your refund.

Cancel your subscription on App Store

When the user has purchased his license for the program from the App Store; he can use the same method for cancelling the subscription and getting the refund. But the user must use the same Apple ID for this job.

  1. Open the device and go to App Store
  2. Click on the Profile
  3. Go to the subscription window on manage subscriptions
  4. User will see licensed programs list
  5. Choose the program from list
  6. Scroll down to the last and select Cancel Subscription
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Tap on the Confirm and now you can use your program until the remaining date. After the program’s expiry, if you need the program then you can renew it manually. While renewing the program; check the auto-renewal feature. Disable it immediately after the program’s renewal. Now the user can access his software without any auto-renewal concerns.

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