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Learn What it Takes to Create a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy
Atharv Bhardwaj

By 2022, the content marketing industry is likely to grow at a CACG of over 17%. From small businesses to big brands, all have recognized the true potential of content marketing and consider it the most effective marketing tool to generate more leads and boost brand awareness. So, if you want to get the edge over your counterparts in 2020, ensure to learn goes into creating a successful and result-focused content marketing strategy. Below are some effective content marketing tips used to take the content marketing strategy to the next level!  

Using Interactive Content for More Engagement 

To have a strong base of loyal readership, you have to look beyond have site visitors and social media profiles. You must focus on increasing the engagement rate and keep the readers interested. With interactive content, you can achieve this goal. Create a poll or quiz that is associated with your products and brand. You may also host contests that compel the audiences for engagement with your brand. Visual contents, like videos and infographics, also perform well when added to any post. It makes the posts engaging and interesting. So, focus more on creating interactive content rather than creating regular content. The key is to focus more on creating stories that can keep readers hooked and engaged. 

Writing Attractive Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that users look at before consuming the content. If the headline is attractive, users may get motivated easily and continue reading your content or watching the visuals. If you lack in creating an attractive headline, your users are like to bounce off to other sites. So, a compelling headline is a powerful strategy to create a hook for any content piece. 

You need to know your audience and customize the headlines as per their needs. Keep in mind a few important things while creating headlines.

  • Generate a sense of urgency     
  • Headlines must address the pain point of customers
  • Include numbers and statistic 
  • Create headlines like questions to increase curiosity 
  • Headlines must be relevant to the topic
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Create Lead Magnets 

For businesses, it is quite challenging to get new leads. When businesses start offering incentives, users are likely to be more interested in their brand and products. So, with lead magnets, you can achieve such goals. Lead magnets are the types of incentives that are offered to people who share their details with the businesses. For example, businesses may offer free eBooks, case studies, discount coupons, webinars, sample products or something else for sharing their information with the business. Such information can be used for creating an email list for further lead generation. It is an effective way to get customer information without making them annoyed. 

Choose Multiple Distribution Channels 

Your content may go unnoticed easily if it is not promoted well, regardless of the content quality. So, to prevent such a situation, you must choose multiple channels to distribute the content. It not only boosts the visibility of the content but also heightens the engagement rate. Some of the popular distribution channels are:

  • Social Media – Social platforms are the best way to reach wider audiences efficiently and quickly. But to reap maximum benefits from this strategy, you have to choose the right social channel for content distribution. You need to find the channels where your targeted audiences spend more time and ensure to be active on those channels. 
  • Email Marketing – Sending promotional emails to your email list is the famous content marketing strategy. Over 92% of businesses use email marketing to distribute content, and most marketers consider email the popular channel for content distribution. It helps in generating leads and boost conversion rates. 
  • Paid Ads – Paid advertisements allow businesses to target the ads to audiences based on their location, activity, interests, and other factors. Paid ads on social channels allow businesses to leverage retargeting.         
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Focus More On Videos

Over 60% of consumers watch branded videos, and videos are likely to be remembered more by users than other content. Videos can help boost visibility and awareness. So, businesses must focus on creating video content as a part of the content marketing strategy.

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