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Jennifer Soileau

Starting from infancy, people are always making memories. From the warmth of a mother’s hug to experiencing rain for the first time and from the first heartbreak to missing a job opportunity, these are the moments in life that shape an individual’s personality. These moments turn into memories, making it possible for one to relive them. Sometimes these bring tears in one’s eyes, while on other occasions, these make people laugh at the most inappropriate timings. Regardless of how memories make a person feel, it is something that makes individuals hold onto life. Out of the sea of memories people make, there are some that are closest to their hearts, and some an individual wishes to forget altogether.

The worst part? Not all memories dwell in one’s mind forever. Some memories, irrespective of their nature, are bound to fade away. No matter how much people try, holding onto memories is not that simple.

This is where photographs come into play. Just a click and a moment is captured into the lens of the camera forever. Seizing moments through the lens of a camera requires a photographer to embrace reality in its purest form and feel every bit of emotion that makes a moment precious or worth capturing, allowing one to savor that moment for a lifetime. While pictures are important, the thing to note is that not all photographs have the power to capture a moment’s beauty. A picture that speaks, requires much more than just a camera and a photographer. It also demands skills to create a photograph that is truly timeliness in nature, a photograph that one will treasure forever and one that truly becomes a family heirloom.

Doing justice to photography and creating moments is Stephanie Petersen, the founder of Petersen Photography, LLC.  She decided to pursue her dreams and put in the hard work to hone the craft to become a professional photographer through her agency.  This passionate and dedicated individual has made it big in the world of photography. Being recognized by some notable platforms and awarded for her skills, Stephanie is well on her way to becoming a successful photographer in this world. Her life is a perfect example of how hard work and dedication can help people turn their passions into a profession.

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Turning her Passion into a Profession

Unless a person is doing what they truly love, finding internal satisfaction and real joy is not possible. It is true when people say that a life driven by passions and dreams is a life well-lived. The best thing about life is that it always finds a way. An individual will always find a path that leads them straight to their passion, a destination that had been their life-long dream. This is exactly what happened with Stephanie. She loved photography and would admire the works of others. She knew that photography was the only way she could effectively channel her feelings and emotions. Stephanie loves people, and there is nothing else that exhilarates her more than meeting people from all backgrounds and walks of life.  Pairing her passion for photography and people together is a perfect recipe for becoming a successful portrait photographer. 

Her husband presented her with a gift that was about to make her come face-to-face with her life’s purpose and life-long passion – photography. After receiving a DSLR camera as a birthday present, she embarked on a journey to explore her photography skills. Possessing not even the basic knowledge of ‘operating a camera,’ she went full in as this was something she was truly inspired to learn.

Spending nights researching photography and then enrolling in classes helped her groom her skills. Along with all this, she actively participated in countless training sessions and conferences. Her determination, passion, patience, and eagerness to learn helped her become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) in 2017. She is, to date, one of the only seventeen CPPs in Kentucky.

She not only aimed to seize the moments of her own life but also wished to help all others do the same. Stephanie did not put a stop to learning and continued to groom her craft as she aimed to be a renowned photographer. Stephanie has the potential to instill the soul into a lifeless image. She does not capture photographs just because she has to; she captures a moment to lock the essence and beauty of that particular second. With an eye for identifying precious moments in an event, Stephanie built a prominent position in the region.

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A member of Professional Photographers of America for six years, Stephanie’s work has been recognized and appreciated throughout the country. Her work has been published on notable platforms, including Tops Lexington for the Wedding Edition 2017, Sentinel News in February 2019, July 2019, Big Day Made, March 2019 Louisville Wedding in April 2019, Bridal Bliss Magazine October 2020[s3] . Her work has also been featured in a local commercial for a Design/Build General Contractor in 2019 and 2020. Not only this, but she also participated in a photography competition, Photo Pro Network (PPN).  Her entry “Abigail” in 2018 was awarded Honorable Mention with other honorary mentions, including the “Blushing Bride.”  In 2020 at PPN, Stephanie was awarded merit awards in “Brinlee,” and “Allison & Casey,” and another Honorable Mention for “Shelby.”  The aspiring photographer was awarded a Merit at International Print Competition (IPC) in October 2020. Stephanie earned this prestigious award for “Crazy Hair Don’t Care.” Her love for photography and skills to lock the true essence of a moment in her lens has helped her gain a prominent status as a photographer in the region.

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