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Everything to Know About the Funeral Flowers

Zoe Sewell

Funeral Flowers are considered very special, especially when it comes to displaying emotions like love, condolences, gratitude, and others. Buying a flower based on emotions is not difficult because all you need to know is what the receiver likes and what kind of flower arrangement will most surprise the person.

However, choosing a funeral flower type and arrangement is not easy. Not only a funeral flower needs to symbolize sorrow, patience, love, admiration, and others, but also it needs to be beautiful and warm enough to act as a token of tribute.

For this reason, here, we have explained how a funeral flowers arrangement should be and what types of funeral flowers are the most suited.

Funeral Flowers Arrangement Types and Description

When you buy flowers to pay as a tribute to the deceased, you will have to worry about the arrangement. Three different types of floral arrangement are usually prevalent in the market. These are:

  • Standing floral sprays: In this type of arrangement, wire or wooden sticks are used as the framework base. The flower sticks are arranged in a vertical position, and hence, they are usually placed beside the caskets. You will have many options for the funeral flowers that you can include in the vertical sprays. The price of such arrangements usually varies between $80 and $150.
  • Flower bouquets: This is one of the most common arrangements for the funeral flower. You will have two presentation options- a bouquet wrapped in paper and a vase bouquet. In most cases, the bouquets are made with a similar flower but of varying colors. These flower arrangements usually cost between $40 and $250.
  • Casket flower sprays: Another type of arrangement for the funeral flowers is the casket sprays. These setups are meant to be placed on the casket, and hence they are prepared horizontally. These sprays do not have flower sticks. Rather, the blooms are cut down from the top, leaving only the flower’s petals and the best part.
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Top Funeral Flowers Examples to Look Into

Not all the floral species can be listed in the category of funeral flowers. Only a handful of them are used in making the floral arrangements, and that’s why it’s best to know about them before ordering a combination with some other flowers not suited for funeral condolence.

  • Lilies: Lilies are traditional funeral flowers that people use in bouquet or standing spray form. White and yellow lilies are the most used varieties as they symbolize peace, love, admiration, and purity.
  • Carnations: Another amazing flower which can be used in the funeral floral arrangements is the carnation. White, pink, and yellow carnations are the most common. White flower means undying love and good luck. Yellow is acceptable as a form of sympathy and condolence. Pink carnations mean gratitude and thankfulness.
  • Gladioli: Gladiolus has needle-shaped floral blooms which appear on long sticks. They come in various colors, but pink and white are the most common shades seen in the funeral arrangements. The flower is relatable to the gladiators, and hence they symbolize strength, integrity, courage, and valiancy.
  • Roses: Nothing can ever compare the beauty of roses and hence, apart from the lilies, this flower is also used in the funeral bouquets or sprays. White roses are a symbol of innocence and purity. Sometimes, a wreath of roses is also given, which means heavenly joy and an eternal elation.
  • Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are sometimes included in the arrangements as the flower symbolizes love, admiration, purity, and eternity. However, this particular flower is used with other floral species to bring out the best from the arrangement.
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Funeral flowers are essential when you are attending the last rites of someone close to your heart. With this information shared here, you can make the right choice for funeral flowers.

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