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Lose Weight Using Green Coffee

lose weight with green coffee
Rosy Aggarwal

Let’s talk about Green Coffee today! One slimming product chases the other! After green tea, it is the turn of green coffee to be in the spotlight of the slimming news. What is it about? Simply unroasted coffee, hence the greenish color of its beans! The advantage: deprived of the roasting process which changes the composition of the beans, green coffee retains a higher content of polyphenols (antioxidants), caffeine, and especially chlorogenic acid, a compound which, according to a rather distant study, would melt fats.

Indeed, the starting point of the popularity of green coffee dates back to 2006 when a Japanese team published, in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”, a study suggesting virtues in overweight people. We already knew that caffeine promotes the burning of fat reserves (… provided you practice physical activity after consumption!) And that it also helps boost the metabolism by making the body consume a little more calories. But in the case of green coffee, the emphasis is on another chemical compound: chlorogenic acid, which is also found in sunflower seeds, artichoke, endive … and even in potatoes. which does not yet have the reputation of losing weight!

Green coffee: what do the studies say?

Several studies have shown that chlorogenic acid helps to lose weight and prevent certain deleterious effects of obesity. To summarize the pharmacological work: weight gain is mainly due to insulin resistance and an accumulation of fat in the liver. Thanks to its effect on the production of cynarin, chlorogenic acid reduces resistance to insulin and therefore allows less accumulation of fat in the body. Cyranine is the key element that allows sugars to be used without turning them into fat. Thus, thanks to green coffee, food sugars are no longer stored in the form of fat but immediately used by the cells.

Green Coffee: “Slimming” Active Ingredients, yes but …

However, can we trust these studies? According to Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist *: “there are many active ingredients in green coffee which reduce insulin resistance and which, consequently, limit the assimilation of sugars in the form of fat. But (yes, because there is a big but!), This effect remains extremely limited. In food supplements, the effect is a little more important because the dosage is higher but it remains all the same not very effective in the control of the weight ”.

Green… or black coffee: beware of excess caffeine!

“Whether it is green or black, we must remain vigilant because excessive coffee consumption can lead to a risk of caffeine overdose which could cause tachycardias (acceleration of the heart rate) or disturbances in the sleep cycle”, warns Raphaël Gruman.

If you take green coffee extracts in the form of capsules, capsules, etc., do not exceed the dosage and the duration of treatment indicated. And do not combine with other “slimming” or “toning” food supplements or drinks (green tea, mate, guarana, or cola soda) Does green coffee work for weight loss? which also contains caffeine. And, of course, abstain if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have heart problems.

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Raw Coffee

When roasted, the green beans of coffee, contained in a red berry, give off all their aroma, which is sought after by coffee lovers. You can also choose more or less roasted coffees, according to your tastes. But you should know that this process does not allow all the original virtues of coffee to be preserved. Indeed, in addition to caffeine which is a natural stimulant, green coffee contains a powerful antioxidant, chlorogenic acid. This component has the role of fixing insulin, and relieve the work of the liver. In particular, this would prevent the liver from converting sugar into fat, which leads to ”  soda disease  “, which is undoubtedly the disease of our generation.

A study carried out in 2006 by a team of Japanese, and published in Annals of Internal Medicine had already highlighted the fact that green coffee had virtues recommended for overweight people, and to prevent diseases such as diabetes. Without this being a miracle cure, the consumption of green coffee would encourage, among other things, the use of sugars directly by muscle cells … In other words, the sugar would not be transformed into fat, but rather into energy. And if you practice a physical activity, it becomes interesting.

Green Coffee – To Be Taken Sparingly

If the roasting process does not retain the chlorogenic acid, it must still be taken into account that this “softens” the effect of the caffeine. Green coffee taken raw and without dosage can lead to a great state of stress, increases the heart rate and irritability… Because caffeine is much more powerful.

It can be consumed as is, or in the form of food supplements (capsules), knowing that it is not magic, and that to lose weight, it is better to monitor your diet and practice regular physical activity.

Green Coffee Advice & Tips

At first glance, green coffee is a product of the “so simple, you only have to think about it” family in the category of healthy dietary supplements. This is “pure” coffee, before roasting , and therefore still rich in all the natural nutrients that make it a drink unlike any other.

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However, how to consume it? And what are its health benefits? Can green coffee have side effects? Here are the answers to the questions that this new recipe inspires you, sometimes seen as miraculous, especially in weight loss.

What is Green Coffee Exactly?

Before reaching your cup, traditional coffee has to go through many stages of processing. In their truly natural form, the berries of the coffee tree, a tree of a little less than 2 meters for its most common species (there are more than 80!) , Kept two or three meters high in the plantations, are red and rounded, resembling cherries. This is what the professionals in the trade call them.

From these cherries will then be extracted the seeds, of a pale green color. In principle, at this stage, they will then be roasted, that is to say heated directly over a flame to over 230 ° C. Thus, through a process of caramelization, the coffee beans will develop the aromas that have earned them continued success in the West for over 400 years, and in the Muslim world long before that.

But roasting, in the heating process, also destroys a number of primary coffee compounds, reducing their caffeine level, but also certain molecular chains whose beneficial effects on health, observed in other types of food, are known.

Green coffee is therefore the coffee before roasting. However, it is not consumable in the same way as the “little black” you are used to. Its taste would be much too strong. There are various ways to accommodate it, although the easiest seems to be to take it in capsule or capsule form.

The Effects of Green Coffee on Weight Loss

As we have said, green coffee contains a large amount of caffeine. However, this alkaloid is known for its stimulating property. Concretely, the consumption of coffee, half an hour after its ingestion and for a few hours (4 to 6 on average), will accelerate your metabolism and therefore consume calories, drawing them if necessary from your fat reserves.

But above all, for reasons still poorly understood but observed in the laboratory, green coffee is able to fight against fatty liver disease, a serious and chronic disease which is developing at high speed throughout the Western world, due to a excessive consumption of sugar. Because sugars of all kinds are used extensively by the food industry to improve the taste but also the duration of consumption of processed products.

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Thus, we find sugar in canned food, vacuum-packed ham, appetizer cakes, and we can easily consume more than we need without even noticing it, even when eating salty. However, in excess, the sugar turns into fat in the form of losing weight using green coffee triglycerides which not only make you fat but also wear out and damage the liver.

lose weight with green coffee

Each year there are millions of cases (an estimated six million in France alone) of people suffering from fatty liver disease, that is to say nothing less than cirrhosis that can be triggered even when you don’t drink a drop of alcohol. It is also nicknamed, in Europe and the United States, the soda disease.

Green coffee cannot be consumed as a cure for this illness once it has started, but it does prevent it. In addition, this disease, and the excessive consumption of sugar is also at the origin of the appearance of many diabetes, which it is also possible to avoid thanks to the consumption of green coffee.

Moreover, even unroasted, coffee remains a light diuretic, a property that can be appreciated as part of a slimming diet.

Be careful, green coffee is not a medicine. If you consume excess sugar, don’t expect a food supplement to miraculously protect you from the negative consequences of your unbalanced diet. It will only be truly effective when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, it can indeed help accelerate the weight loss that inevitably occurs when you decide to change your consumption and your lifestyle. By ingesting, therefore, less sugar, but also by practicing regular physical activity.

Rosy Aggarwal

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