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Essential Makeup Products for Highlighting the Eyes

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Sephora Singapore! Get Skin Friendly Stunning Eye Makeup Products

Everyone admires captivating and expressive eyes. No doubt, it is a god-gifted body part that can mesmerize people within seconds. Do not feel miserable if you are not included among those lucky people. There are ways to get perfect looks. The right use of eye makeup is enough to redefine your eyes. The contour, eye color, eyeliner, and mascara are some of the basic products to play up with eyes and make them extraordinary. Mention Sephora promo code Singapore to get quality eye makeup items.


The concealer works amazingly to hide the dark circles. It is an under-eye spot correction application that contains B3 as well. A quality concealer brightens the under eyes skin. There is an age rewind concealer for ladies above 40 to show the under-eye area fresh and wrinkle-free. It is available in stick and liquid form with a soft brush.

Eye Shades

Eyeshades are used to improve the eyes’ beauty. Usually, shades are matched with the dress or the time of an event. These are meant to enhance the dimension and depth of the eyes. It is suggested to choose only quality eye shades as substandard products can cause irritation and allergic effects. Waterproof, bright color, dark color, glitter based, metallic, and sparkly eye-shadow can be selected to dress the eyes according to the event. There are small travel palettes, covering the major colors, so you can get different styles just to capture the attention. Casual style compact size palettes are perfect for regular use. Contrarily, the pigmented colors in shimmery and matte palettes are right for professional or party use. Refer to Sephora promo code Singapore and receive regular or formal use eye-shadow branded palette.


To enhance the shape of the eyes, nothing is as impressive as eyeliner. It is applied to the eyelid area to reform the shape of the eyes. Water-based brush eyeliners require professional skills, so pencil eyeliner, gel crayon eyeliner, and liquid waterproof eyeliners are introduced to do your makeup at home.

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Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil is the best product to get the right shape and length of eyebrows. Branded eyebrow pencils are skin-friendly and give a long-lasting effect. The parts of the eyebrow pencil are multifunctional. It is available in light and dark colors to match all skin tones.


Do you know the secret behind impressive and bold eyes? Absolutely, it is the mascara that gives dramatic look to your eyes and adds more volume and thickness to lashes. Even if you have used concealer and eye shadow, you cannot get the bright appearance until and unless mascara is applied on the lashes. Beginners must use the smudge-proof mascara that avoids mess and clump.

Eye Makeup Remover

After coming back to a party, the first thing you want to do is to remove the makeup. The makeup remover wipes off the colors without damaging the skin. The Sephora promo code Singapore is meant to make the magnificent variety of chemical and gluten-free makeup products accessible.

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