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5 Types of Shoes Every Man Needs

Akshit Sharma

We all have clothes and shoes we keep for certain special days or occasions. There are those sneakers we wear every day no matter the wear and tear, then there are home wear special slippers, or maybe shopping footwear. The versatility of things is sometimes how we make our lives interesting. We believe that there are always special occasions which should have dedicated shoes and that should be given equally special attention. 

So today we are going to show you 5 types of pure leather shoes for men for their comfort and style:

  1. Sneakers: The stylish and chic sneakers made are a man’s dream come true. They are not only available in multiple colours but have been merged with different styles of formal and casual footwear which has made them the king of versatility. You can buy a pair which you can wear at work and will look professional, you can wear to a party or take them with you for your travels. They are sturdy, confident and best of all water-proof. Sneakers are also available in other materials like velvet, suede, etc but we believe pure leather shoes are the way to go. 
  1. Oxfords: Mostly associated with formality, they can be work-wear or party-wear, depending on the crowd and class. However, men’s formal shoes have been ruling the shoe jungle for centuries and no one has been able to replace the look of royalty they bestow upon their proud owner. Dress them up for a formal occasion or dress them for a night out with a rocking leather jacket, we can promise they won’t let you down. Earlier oxfords were only available in classic black and brown. However, now they can be found in multiple colours with an added flair. 
  1. Sandals: Men’s ethnic footwear brings out a different look on them. Especially during the wedding season the need for chich, hip yet traditional footwear is always on the rise. However, we believe that men’s leather sandals are not given enough credit. They sure are great for all the wedding fluff and stuff but they are also great for a long day of travel and walking. If you are planning to vacation in a place with warm weather, leather sandals can be God’s gift. Sandals have been present almost everywhere from ancient times including Rome and greece. How can you question something that has been around for so long and still exists for your comfort. They are available in thousands of designs and colours and can be your saving grace.
  1. Loafers: Loafers are shoes without hassle. They have been around for quite some time and have become quite popular. They are available in many materials and designs. However, a leather loafer can multiply the chic for you and your outfit 100 times. They are a cross between modern and traditional, formal and casual. They are mostly worn with semi-formal attires or for semi-formal occasions. They can be very easily casual. 
  1. Chappals: The leather chappals often have been downplayed by the people. The style, chic and the smart-look that a leather chappal can provide remains unchallenged. You just need to find the right look and fit for them and they can make you stand out or blend in, whatever you may choose. They are also now available in multiple colours and designs which is a far cry from the past. 
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The day can end but the list of amazing shoes never does. They have become a major fashion icon in themselves. No outfit is complete without a complimenting pair of shoes. Always, keep in mind that out of sight, out of mind is not always true.

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