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Latest Collection of Banarasi Silk Sarees for Summer Season

Neha Sheikh

Clearly, the Indian latest saree collection includes a lot of eye candy additions to its collection. From their pure banarasi silk sarees to the classy banarasi sarees, everything has a great edgy style to it. Not only that but if you want to buy banarasi silk sarees online, then this indeed the perfect time to do so. The trendy season is approaching and almost everyone is looking forward to buy designer saree online.

What makes these Banarasi Silk Sarees so Attractive?

From perfect exchanging to eye-catching completion, every aspect matters in the banarasi silk saree. This work is only handled by the most skilled designers or else they’ll fail to achieve their desired results. Their methods of designing this particular are indeed worth praising. Perfect for brides and occasional needs, this attire is an ideal choice for modern women.

If you want to buy banarasi silk sarees online too, then you should take a look at its variety of types available. Furthermore, it’ll also guide you to perfectly buy designer saree online.

Tissue and Cutwork

From the cutwork of the pure banarasi silk saree to its mind-blowing designs, everything must be perfect. Another aspect that should be remembered that is it requires soft cotton and silk merged fabrication. All these aspects combined together provide lavishing attire results. The most common motifs utilized are jasmine and leaves in any banarasi silk saree.

Furthermore, we all know that these sarees have pure delicate work and the Golden zari amplifies upon it even more. Some of the most popular designs include lotus, pallus as well as the uniquely stitched borders of the sarees. Everything requires perfection and therefore it’s never ignored in this attire.

Delicate Butidar and Tanchois

People who love the Bollywood culture are aware of this Butidar pure banarasi silk saree. Commonly popularized by Bollywood celebrities, these ones have a much darker tone of shades and design to them. Not only that, but the addition of traditional silver and gold is something that gives it a classy touch.

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Speaking of popularity, this is not the only type that was popularized by Bollywood culture. Whenever you buy a designer saree online, you will definitely come across the Tanchois. Also called the heart of the Indian latest saree collection, the tanchois are paisleys that add a nice touch to normal banarasi sarees. Commonly advised for weddings, this attire is perfect for any type of fancy gathering.

It is available in colorful styles, patterns, and decorations. Even the pallu has a decoration of motifs and stitched cross patterns. Probably an ideal addition to the banarasi silk saree collection.

Jangla and Georgette

We combined both of these together based on the ancient culture these ones seem to follow. The look of the Jangle is an ideal choice for weddings and gives off a nice and luxurious feeling. Also the work is purely ancient style, it will never goes out of fashion. Like the Jangla, there is also the Georgette variety of pure banarasi silk saree. Georgette is the primary material of these sarees and is very light in weight.

Furthermore, having a similar ancient approach, it also gained popularity by sticking to its roots. Usually considered as a casual one, these are the most beautiful and richly fabrication among all varieties. Besides being available in several sizes and shapes, it also comes with silver and golden thread decorations. If you go to buy banarasi silk sarees online, then this might become a good choice for you.


This fabrication of pure banarasi silk saree is used in designing of exclusive banarasi attire. The designs it bears are very different than the rest of the varieties available in this attire. While it takes more of a modern approach than a traditional one, it still has a cultural touch to it. This banarasi silk saree is a great addition to the Indian latest saree collection. The primary reason is its handwoven designs. While on the other hand, their pure silk composition is also a big factor.

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Stylish and Fashionable Attire with Banarasi Silk Sarees

If you want to buy banarasi silk sarees online, then it probably shows that you have a good taste in fashion. We all know how fashionable this attire is in the entire market. Very comfortable as well as lavishing in design, this banarasi silk saree can also match anyone’s budget on any scale.

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While these sarees are promoted mainly by celebrities, this attire is something you can consider on any fancy occasion. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or any casual party, having geared up with a pure banarasi silk saree will give you a nice edge. Nowadays available in a large variety, you can easily buy designer saree online under a budget.

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