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Benefits of doing CSPO Certification and Training

John Smith

Scrum has exploded onto the technology scene as the definitive methodology to follow when it comes to increasing the efficiency, production levels, output, and accuracy of business processes in a company. This is especially true for the software development field. Let us see what are the benefits of getting a CSPO certification and undergoing CSPO certification training.

Why should one get the CSPO certification?

1. One will learn how to manage the product backlog –

The Scrum methodology prescribes a simple method for managing and completing large projects. It follows the rule of divide and conquer. The CSPO has the responsibility of dividing a project into small and manageable parts. Then he creates the product backlog which contains all the items which a Scrum team has to work on in order to complete the project successfully. Using this strategy of divide and conquer the CSPO makes the task of completing the project much more easier and much more achievable. Get a CSPO certification in order to learn this art.

2. One will be responsible for setting the priority on different items in the product backlog –

When the CSPO uses the divide and conquer strategy to make the project simpler and less daunting the result is that the project is divided into many small items. These small items or tasks are stored in the product backlog which serves as a kind of a to do list. Now, the product backlog gets filled up very quickly. The CSPO keeps adding items to it as soon as work on old items is finished. In this way the product backlog is always a busy and bustling pipeline. In order to decide which item the Scrum team should work on first, the CSPO also has to set priorities from high to low on the various items in the product backlog. With good CSPO Certification training one will be able to prioritize the product backlog correctly.

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3. One will be given an eagle’s eye view of the entire Scrum team –

Projects assigned to a Scrum team can become very large and complex. There are many small and large details which have to be considered and which have to be kept in mind while working on the projects. At the same time the work of every Scrum team member has to be overseen and accounted for. If there is no clear direction and leadership present within a Scrum team the entire business will soon disintegrate into chaos and confusion. This is because the Scrum team members will not be able to collaborate with each other and with the personnel outside the Scrum team.

So the CSPO takes the responsibility of keeping an eagle’s eye view of the entire project and helps to coordinate work between different team members. Undergoing online CSPO certification training will give one this eagle’s eye view of a project.

4. Make up for the lack of good education –

The CSPO certification is not a certification which requires a candidate to have very advanced and extensive educational qualifications. Even if a candidate is not so qualified, he can still get a CSPO certification and thereby upskill and upgrade himself by gaining new skills and knowledge.

5. Go back to your roots and learn like a beginner –

The CSPO certification has world-class instructors who hold the hand of the learner every step of the way and guide them gently and patiently through the course curriculum. They have excellent teaching skills, immense subject matter knowledge and expertise, and decades of professional experience from working in the Scrum field. So they know exactly how to make a learner feel comfortable with the course and how to treat him like a beginner without any prior experience or knowledge.

6. Clear the way to lucrative and high-salaried jobs –

The Scrum methodology is widely recognized and accepted as the single most advantageous methodology to adopt if a business or an organization wants to improve their business processes, operations, and functioning. It is so comprehensive and well-designed that no problem, big or small, can stand before it for long. So professionals who are skilled and competent in implementing the strategies outlined in the Scrum methodology are in very high demand all over the world and are paid very high salaries. Clear your way to these high salaried jobs by signing up for CSPO Certification training.

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7. Get the chance to be the face of a Scrum team for the customers –

The CSPO has the responsibility of interacting with the potential customers and stakeholders of a company and noting down their needs, interests, concerns, and expectations. Then they have to relay these preferences to the rest of the Scrum team and uphold them as the guiding principle when the Scrum team gets to work on the project. So in a way the CSPO is the face of the Scrum team for the customers and stakeholders and he can leverage this position to create networking opportunities for himself. If one gets a CSPO certification he will be able to occupy this position eventually.

What is the cost of the CSPO certification?

CountryCurrencyClassroom Training
CanadaCAD1000- 1500

The cost of renewing the CSPO certification is $100.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Scrum Alliance?

If anyone completes the CSPO certification training Scrum Alliance will offer a 2-year membership to them. Some benefits of this membership are –

  • One will gain networking opportunities in a large network of CSPO professionals.
  • One will be able to get tips and other insights from a helpful community of professionals.
  • Lots of professional conclaves which serve to offer safe havens for discussing Scrum principles and guidelines and also let a professional specialize in certain aspects of Scrum.
  • One will be able to access lots of exclusive member-only content such as webinars and conferences.
  • One will be able to purchase all Scrum Alliance reference materials such as books and videos at steep discounts.

Who is this course for?

  • Members of Scrum teams such as developers and product owners
  • Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance professional
  • Product Manager/Product Owner
  • Software Developers and Coders
  • Team Leads
  • System Architects

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