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A Quick Guide To Double Glazing Products

Rahul Yadav

Double glazing windows and doors have become increasingly popular in recent times. If you are thinking about buying double glazed windows for your house, you must have explicit knowledge about double-glazed products before deciding on them. There are so many factors to look into when it comes to double glazed products.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is two panes of glass with a space between them. This technic of sealed vacuum is used for insulation, a buffer from heat-cold, reduction of sound. The distance between the glass is filled with gases like xenon, sulphur, argon etc.

How double glazing works?

The gap between sheets of glass has heavy gas in them, which lowers convection currents. Convection here means the circulation of things inside the space. Vacuum or inert gasses do not let sound or heat pass through the window.

Types of glazing

Here are some types of glazing listed below-

• Low- emissivity glass-This particular type of glass is layered especially to let daylight into the home and reduce heat from going out. This type of glass is used in cold regions for saving energy.

• Laminated glass- An interlayer of thin plastic glazing has used these types to protect the glass from shattering. Laminated glass is hard, provides security, cuts down the noise, little UV rays and are easily installed as they are not delicate like ordinary glass that can shatter in seconds.

• Decorative glass- This glass type is aesthetically beautiful, and lots of option are available.

• Fire glass- This is a tough glass and protects from fire and smoke.

• Self-cleaning glass- This technology allows the glass to clean itself as it has a special coating.

Double glazing styles

There are varieties of styles you can select for your double glazing. Such as-

• Tilt and turn double glazing

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• Casement windows

• Vertical sliding

• Georgian bar

Double glazed windows are taking over in home decoration, and it is going to keep its mark in the coming days, that’s for sure.

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