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Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Paused by Johnson and Johnson

covid vaccine update
Arti Arlene Martyris

After a study for the covid-19 vaccine final trial in the US, Johnson and Johnson reported that a volunteer showed signs of an unknown illness and the company has paused their coronavirus vaccine trials on Monday – 12th Oct 2020. This pause is going to affect the Phase 3 trial as well, which was supposed to take place this month in the US.

Phase 3 Trial: – Johnson and Johnson was supposed to test a possible corona vaccine on 60K people in the US. This was supposed to be the fourth experimental covid-19 vaccine trial to enter the last stage of testing in the U.S. However, the unknown illness in a particular participant has jeopardized the entire plan. While the results of the trials were expected to be out by early next year, we not be able to even enter the final stage of testing as of yet.

Johnson and Johnson said that the matter of the unexplained illness is currently under review by the safety monitoring board. We currently do not have any more information on the illness. A month ago AstraZeneca PLC also paused their clinical trials. They were expected to experiment with the vaccine that they had come up with for coronavirus. The very same situation had occurred there too, the unexplained illness seen in a volunteer. The study resumed but the experiment is still on hold.



Covid119 reinfection is another serious problem across the world. The virus immunity is a strong point of discussion in Nevada at the moment. The covid-19 second-cases are up in the rise and the numbers are quite disturbing. The first published case of covid-19 reinfection in the US was a man from Nevada. This clearly states that even if you’ve recovered from coronavirus you can still be at risk.

Trump Tests Negative for Covid-19

The doctor said, “not infectious to others”. Trump has tested negative for coronavirus, and he has not begun his presidential rally. He traveled to Florida yesterday for his first campaign rally after his treatment for the cause was completed successfully.

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India and Covid-19

India is doing really well in fighting with covid-19. The trend of declining average daily cases over the past 5 weeks, seems quite promising. According to the health ministry, the total number of cases in the country fell below the 9lac mark, and the decline in cases is continuing.

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