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What To See The Best Things In Santorini

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Nestled in the Aegean Sea, it can be considered the pearl of Greece. Santorini, apart from being an island that freaks you out, is a volcano. Most towns overlook the famous caldera as nothing more than the flooded crater left by the volcanic explosion that took place 3,500 years ago. Don’t worry; it would be bad luck that after 3500 years, it erupts the day you are there.

According to some sources, the explosion caused a tidal wave that reached the nearby Crete island, causing the decline of the Minoan civilization. It’s one of the best places to visit in Greece that you must not miss whenever you take Turkish airline flights booking.

Who Should Visit Santorini?

Adventurers like some places, others by lovers of nature or history, some bore the partygoers, and others stress all fuss as soon as they visit them. There are destinations for all tastes, but only some of them combine everyone’s concerns. They are magical places that break any scheme, and they are destinations like Santorini.

It’s a must-visit place for lovers of culture and stones because the island has vestiges of its Minoan past, such as the archaeological site of Akrotiri located in the southwest. Like Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy, the volcano’s eruption destroyed the city covering ash and washes, which allowed preservation for centuries under the volcanic mantle.

Suppose you’re a photography lover and are planning to take cheap airline tickets to Greece. In that case, this place is also very suitable to take the entire photography kit. Because the sunsets you will see will leave your mouth open like a mailbox. Santorini is unique at sunrise, in broad daylight, at dusk, and in total darkness. This magical enclave is for you because Santorini you have to visit it once in your life, at least!

Where to go after Santorini?


Next to a sea of ​​turquoise waters, a pink sand beach is Elafonisi beach, southwest of Crete, Greece. Elafonisi is a small islet connected to the island by a shallow reef. Which you can easily walk across when the tide is low. It is 82 km away from Chania, an essential city to visit in Crete) and getting it is not easy.

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The beach has such dimensions that you can always find your own space among hundreds of tourists; you have to move a little away from the shower and hammock area. It is essential to know that Elafonisi does not have many services; hence it continues to maintain that unspoiled and earthly paradise aspect.


If from Santorini you want to visit other Greek islands, we recommend that you visit Crete, which is the largest of them all. It offers the Firkas Fortress that was once built to protect the port today. It houses the Naval History Museum, where an exhibition on Crete’s battle. Which took place in 1941 during the Second World War, is displayed.

From the tower, you can enjoy beautiful views of the port, the Venetian lighthouse, and the mosque, which will take your breath away. We recommend you take affordable airline tickets to Greece if you want to enjoy your tour at its best.


Chania, also known as Xania of Chania, is the second-largest population in Crete and is 142 km from the capital (Heraklion). The city exudes a Venetian, Genoese, Ottoman, and of course, Greek air. It is one of those places that hooks you, making you consider staying and living there forever.

When you arrive in the city, your first destination after leaving your luggage at the hotel will be the old port. Taking Turkish airline flights is one of the best ways to visit Greece if this is your next planned destination.

At one end is the lighthouse, at the other the old fortress walls, and between them, a beautiful circumference of Venetian facades is drawn. The view is accompanied by the typical Cretan atmosphere: sun, light, Kalimeras, and Efjaristos.


Rethymno is about 30 thousand inhabitants located on the Greek as mentioned above the island, Crete. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, it has suffered invasions and visits from all types of nations. Such as Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, and even the Nazis during World War II!

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This town or city nestled on the northern Cretan coast, halfway between the capital, Heraklion, and one of the most important cities on the island, Chania, does not leave any traveler indifferent.

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