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Top 5 water sports activities that are popular in Abu Dhabi

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Who wouldn’t love water sports as an outside pursuit to stay physically active? Could you willingly spend a bright morning sweating in the gym when you can burn calories in a fun way? Do you want a weekend getaway from the stress to clear your head? Or do you like the feeling of accomplishing a new skill to feel good?

Fortunately, Water sports can be healthy to fun to romantic to thrilling. There are many holiday spots around the world but Abu Dhabi hosts the best trips and tours on-land and on-water. Here are the most popular water activities offered by Mangrove Water Sports in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Kayaking

Avail kayaking services to focus and enjoy far away from the strains of the workplace. Jubail Mangrove Park is one of Abu Dhabi’s favorite places for this amazing activity. It allows you to quietly discover the shallow waters and nature around. Suitable for pretty much everyone, Jubail kayaking is an absolute blast, it gives you a total sense of freedom.

Kayaking works on your core and upper body, burning approximately 205 calories on its way in just 30 minutes. So why not burn fat even faster than you would on land? Share this experience with a passionate expert kayaking Company, with affordable Jubail Kayaking prices and leave all tanned and toned.

  • Stand up paddle boarding

Sup is also in great demand next to kayaking services because it is great for all ages. It is an attractive holiday pursuit for relaxation and fun. Additionally, it is a beginner-friendly sport, perfect for your family. Unlike kayaking stand-up paddleboarding taxes your lower body as well and it builds endurance and balance. 30 minutes of paddling burns almost 123 calories meanwhile giving your entire body a complete cardio workout. How cool!

Throughout the world, stand-up paddle boarding opportunities are almost unlimited but the calm and clear waters of Abu Dhabi make it a hot destination, calling paddle boarders from all over.

  • Boat cruise
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The experience of boating is so extraordinary, it gives a new perspective and creates wonderful vacation memories. The salty air charges your body creating a holistic sensation of happiness. Sunset boating and day boating are both great ways to tune out of the world for as long as you’d like. Are you ready to hit the water because the music, the food, the drinks, the laughs all are waiting for you?

Mangrove water sport is offering several boat cruises that can introduce you to an entirely another version of your world. However some people prefer the delight and excitement of paddle boating themselves, others prefer to party while a qualified captain does the work. Cruising on a boat always teaches you something new and you’ll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

  • Island trips

Imagine the rippling sound of a crashing wave or relatively mild breezes kissing your face, or watching fish swimming nearby, or exploring the islands. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Abu Dhabi has several beautiful islands worth visiting and any time of year can be an idyllic time to sail these islands. These tours with mangrove water sports include an experienced crew and an ample amount of food and drinks. Who wouldn’t love a barbeque on an island? Oh! Did I forget to mention that they are offering it too? Hmm, I am drooling all over already! You can discover further and book your next adventure with the best kayaking company.

  • Water bikes

Few sports make you feel the freedom and thrill of vacation and water bike riding is one of them. The first reason to try water bikes is that its great fun second reason is that they will get your heart pumping. Thirdly, it will make you feel like flying through the air, harnessing the warm breezes of the beach. Fourthly, if you are a gym junkie then too good for you because overall fitness quotient and fat burnt with water bikes are a lot more than land bikes. Last but not the least, traveling in water is safe and there are fewer chances of accidents that could occur while riding a bicycle on land. Trust me, you are going to love this new experience for the rest of your life.

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Are these water sports safe?

Mangrove Adventures is a renowned company that makes sure that you are safe throughout your journey, they provide all the essential equipment. They are experienced and supervised. Even if you are traveling with any other company don’t forget to wear a life jacket even though you think that you are an expert swimmer. Before taking part in any water sport, get maximum information and education about it. Always be accompanied by a responsible and experienced water sports team. By following these small and simple steps water sports are always safe.

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