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Kidzania Abu Dhabi – Tickets, Timings, Activities & More

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Visit the educational facility Kidzania Abu Dhabi to embrace both fun and study. Kidzania Abu Dhabi offers engaging role-playing activities that will allow your child to see the world from a fresh viewpoint. Here, in this small city, kids ages 2 to 16 can engage in interactive activities to learn about various sectors and vocations. Kidzania Abu Dhabi, located in the United Arab Emirates, occupies 55,000 square feet and is housed in the well-known Yas Mall. It has developed into a quickly expanding center for educational and entertainment programs for children. Kids can learn practical skills through the ideal fusion of education and enjoyment, which inspires them to create their own imaginary world filled with entertainment and reality.

 The Story of Kidzania

Kidzania originated as an idea in Santa Fe, Mexico, where it was initially presented in 1999. At the time, Kidzania became an immediate sensation, inspiring its CEO and founder, Mexican businessman Xavier López Ancona, to open more locations across the globe. Currently, Kidzenia has 24 locations in 19 cities worldwide.

One such location is Abu Dhabi, which provides kids with incredibly engaging playtimes. Here Kidzania Abu Dhabi offers children can experience a little bit of adulthood by learning about various vocations and comprehending financial conversations. Not only may kids engage in role-playing, but they can also take in the dance performance by the imaginary protectors of KidZania Abu Dhabi, known as RightZKeepers.

KidZania Abu Dhabi Tickets

Depending upon your age KidZania Abu Dhabi’s price has been divided. There is access for adults with their kids also, to let them witness the enduring joy of their kids. The Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets have been divided according to the age groups mentioned below:


Kids between the ages of two and three may apply. Take advantage of the benefits of booking online, since you will receive a discount for doing it in advance. Additionally, your child can earn at Kidzos.

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Kidzania Abu Dhabi ticket price for economy This ticket is for children from 4 to 16 years old. They can get as many as 50 kidzos from this.

Kids between the ages of two and three may apply. Take advantage of the benefits of booking online, since you will receive a discount for doing it in advance. Additionally, your child can earn at Kidzos.


This is also for children between the ages of 4 and 16, but because it has additional benefits, it costs more in the Economy category. As in: You can participate in all KidZania events, and if you have a Premium ticket, you can win up to 100 KidZos.

You’ll be qualified for savings at KidZania Shop and department stores. Once you’ve collected all 30 stamps, you will be getting a free upgrade to your PaZZport tier.

Hosting A Party At Kidzania  

Kidzania Abu Dhabi offers almost everything or even more you need to throw a birthday party for your kids or younger siblings. All the necessary items to organize an unforgettable birthday celebration for your child are included in the KidZania Abu Dhabi birthday package. The package includes 100 KidZos, a designated celebration space, and free admission for the host. By performing tasks, kids can earn KidZos, which they can spend to buy products and services in the city. A Kidzania kids dinner will be served to each and every child attending the celebration.

The other benefit is that you don’t need to take the hassle passel of organizing a birthday party. You won’t have to worry about planning a party when you host a birthday celebration at Kidzania. A set of invitation cards is included in the party package, which you can use to invite your child’s friends and relatives. You get one exclusive private activity with the every-party package, which the host and guests can take part in. It may be anything from a session on preparing pizza to hands-on firefighter training. Kidzania provides each visitor with a Birthday Badge to wear on their birthday. A collection of keepsake pictures featuring the celebrant and their guests is part of the party package, which has a lot to offer.

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Location And Timings of Kidzania Abu Dhabi 

KidZania Abu Dhabi is located at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. For the visitors, the hours are as follows: Sun-Wed 10:00 am-8:00 pm | Thu-Sat 10:00 am- 10:00 pm

Please be aware that the time may change on the website, so it is best to check before making travel arrangements.

Let’s Pack Up

Kidzania, a place next to paradise for kids! Get yourself on this journey of adventure and fun that your child will cherish forever. You will find many websites with the best KidZania Abu Dhabi ticket price and to name a few the top one is Next Holidays. It is the most reliable travel website offering UAE packages on such a great deal. If you are planning to visit then this guide can be your saviour. Happy Traveling!

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