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1 Year (12 Months) Calendar of Treks

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To all the mountaineers and adrenaline seekers out there who want to do every possible hike in India, we’re confident your bucket list is still long.

After the most difficult ascent, a backdrop to remember for a lifetime emerges, and no emotion compares to that of completing an inspiring excursion. So, this New Year, instead of waiting for the perfect moment, seize every opportunity that comes your way each month and prepare for the most exciting adventures of your life. We are in charge of making this the most successful event of your life. As a result, we’ve put together a month-by-month hiking calendar for you! That implies you can now start a thousand-mile journey with a single step each month.

Kuari Pass – Trek in January:

The Kuari Pass, one of India’s most popular treks, is a perfect place to start your trekking adventure in the winter. Although a snow journey is arduous, it provides the best opportunity to see snow-covered trees and an angelic vista. A sight to behold is walking over the snow-covered slopes with the Himalayas rising far above and below you, and the filtered sunshine dropping into the dense jungles.

Brahmatal Trek – Trek in February:

The Brahmatal Trek is a rare trail that is only accessible during the peak winter months of January and February. This is a classic winter hike with frozen lakes, vast snow-covered meadows, massive white mountains, and unrivalled snow fields. Camp beside the frozen shores of Bekaltal, walk to the frozen lake of Brahmatal, or simply stare high above the Himalayan mountain ranges under brilliant blue skies. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Prashar Lake Trek – Trek in March:

The Prashar Lake in the springtime, unlike any other journey, offers a beautiful and magnificent scenery. This walk is located in Kullu Valley and is flanked by the Dhauladhar hills, which contain a beautiful blue-water lake known as Prashar. After a delightful trek through a forest and several minor river tributaries, this unknown area of land in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district is discovered. There is a local temple right next to the lake that is decades old and provides a beautiful view of the area.

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Sandakphu Phalut – Trek in April:

The Sandakphu Phalut trail is a long trail that takes you closer to the sleeping Buddha, Kanchenjunga, with each step. It is one of the world’s most famous treks and attracts a huge number of foreigners every year, making it a foreigner’s favourite. The world’s tallest peaks may be seen from the top of West Bengal’s highest mountain. The walk may be done at any time of year, but April is the greatest time to go because the rhododendron forests are in bloom!

Kheerganga – Trek in May:

A hike through beautiful pine woods and hot springs? You’ve decided to visit the world-famous Kheerganga Buni Buni Pass! The trail’s flowing Parvati river and deeply shaded trees provide a breathtaking view of the massive snow-capped Himalayas. People normally only walk to Kheerganga, which is the most busy stretch of the trail, however the Buni Buni Pass is an untouched and natural extension of the same trail.

Bhrigu Lake – Trek in June:

The Bhrigu Lake Trek, one of the highest climbs, offers the most spectacular views of frozen Lake Bhrigu. This walk will bring you to the beautiful surroundings of Europe and Switzerland, giving you an experience to remember. The glacier lake, which changes colour and shape every week at over 14,000 feet, is surrounded by high altitude alpine meadows and leads to the final goal. While it’s sometimes royal blue and other times emerald green, the colour you’ll see is entirely up to you!

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – Trek in July:

Without a doubt, the Kashmir Great Lake is India’s most beautiful. Many Indian hikers dream of crossing the big twin lakes of Vishansar and Kishansar in Kashmir. An inky blue surface is a sight to behold for a lifetime, with five gorgeous alpine lakes, each more stunning than the last, and snow-patch reflections of the high mountains with milky white icebergs floating on the lakes.

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Valley of flowers Trek – Trek in August:

Valley of Flowers is a truly magnificent trip through one of India’s most unspoilt areas of natural botanical splendour. Mid-July and August are the best months to visit Uttarakhand’s world-famous Valley Of Flowers. Flowers blossom everywhere, and it’s a sight to behold, with a rainbow of hues guarded by snow-capped mountains and a peaceful river running through it all.

Hampta Pass Trek – Trek in September:

The Hampta Pass trip is a fantastic cross-country hike that is both rare and beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in India, climbing the lush green valleys of Kullu at a 90-degree angle high in the Himalayas with the most breathtaking perspective of the world below us. The landscape changes as the walk progresses, from semi-arid hills near the Lahaul Valley campground to the lush vegetation of the Jwara meadows.

Annapurna Base Camp – Trek in October:

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek, at the world’s tenth highest peak, is one of the most popular treks in the world. The trek is popular among mountaineers and adventure seekers, but it also has the greatest death rate. This base camp is unique, with a spellbinding mountain outlook and deep Himalayan trees of exquisite beauty. It is a must-see for anyone contemplating a trip in India. When the views are known to be exceptional, foreigners from all over the world gather in October to rejoice and march together toward the goal.

Har ki Dun Trek – Trek in November:

The Har Ki Dun Trek, where time stands still, is the most picturesque valley in the Western Himalayas and a direct path to Heaven. Har ki Dun is easily accessible from the Govind National Park, which is rich in flora and fauna of alpine meadows, moraine ridges, glacier basins, pine woods, and old settlements in both summers and winters.


Dayara Bugyal – Trek in December:

The Dayara Bugyal Trek, as its name suggests, is the ultimate winter trek, and what better time to complete it in India than December, when winter is at its most intense? The setting transforms into a fairytale! The entire land is a large magnificent carpet of whitest snow, frozen and devoid of any greenery. This trek is a one-of-a-kind adventure and one of the greatest to undertake in India.

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