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What Mobile Game Genres Are More Profitable To Develop?

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When it comes to playing games, smartphones are the most powerful. One of the main reason: 60% of the global revenues in the gaming industry is generated by smartphones compare to PC and console games.

That is the reason, mobile game development has become an essential niche in the game industry. The big question is how to develop a successful game?

Well, you just have to develop games similar to the ones you like or you have to do market research before you start shaping your idea into a full-featured product. Finally, you can’t just choose the most popular genre, because it is necessary to adequately evaluate your budget.

How Important It Is To Opt For A Perfect Genre? 

Have a look over the most popular mobile game genre. Most of the popular apps on the Google Play store have been categorized as mid-core games. However, the popularity of game app depends on user engagement mechanisms and game functionality.

  • Endless Runner provides user limited control over a character which constantly moved forward.
  • Battle Royale has a fight sequence including many characters which users can play until only one fighter remains to stand.
  • Turn-based RPG lets you manage your characters to perform various actions to defeat opponents.

Eventually, the commercial success of a mobile game application is based on the monetization mechanism you opt for.

How Successful Studios Use Mobile Game Monetization Mechanisms:

If we talk about the Google Play store, it has 3 million applications and only 3% of them are paid. Now that sounds crazy, isn’t it? Well, the interesting thing is the freemium monetization model. In this, the application is free to download but has additional paid content. For example, premium levels can be unlocked only on a paid basis.

The Following Are Methods You Can Apply To Your Game Application And Monetize It As Well:

In-game ads

This is one of the most used features by mobile game developers known as a monetization strategy, especially when it comes to hyper-casual games.

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Rewarded ads

It is the process that keeps your gaming app more engaging to the users and gamers. Gamers need to watch ads in exchange for in-app rewards such as extra lives, virtual currency, or a more customized character.


Now, this is the least fascinated feature for game developers. But the fun fact is subscriptions are predicted to be the future of mobile game monetization for the majority of genres.

In-app purchases

Most of the game apps use this feature for monetization Hire Mobile Game Developers who can easily avoid several unwanted ads and allow gamers to use in-game currency to upgrade their loved characters. However, the interesting fact is over 50% of revenue comes from less than 1% of users.

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