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What is the app of Fidelity Investments all about?

Osama Ahmed

The Google Play Store now has a solution for a lot of matters anyone can think of (but not everything). While some applications that arrived in the market and became popular on the platform became known to Novel creations, some brands that already are established are now making the jump to the digital world.

There are apps that are more than amazing and these apps have created for themselves an exceptional status. Some brands have emerged as new trending apps. Here we will be giving you a complete overview of how the app works, its performance, feedback from users and other key details of how the app actually fares in the market.

One such brand is Fidelity Investments. It has been in the brokerage business for almost 70 years. With services related to wealth management, distribution of funds, and investment advice; the company has made its presence felt in the finance industry.

Through their mobile app, Fidelity investments brought all their services to the tap of a fingertip. How good is their app and whether or not their app is as good as their financial services? Let us now find out.

A bit about Fidelity Investments

  • Current version available of Fidelity Investments’ app is 3.55.
  • It is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Those who wish to manage their investments nicely in existing time constraints lack the calendar dates and time to consult investment advisors or unable to consult staff to manage their business funds, can relax.

For them, a mobile-based application is a good solution to stay in touch with their finances at any time and any place they go, as determined by expert app developers from a well-known mobile app development company in Toronto.

The Fidelity Investments mobile app has been blessed and bestowed with precisely such goals and objectives. It brings in a unified and convenient solution to handling trades, management of mutual funds, and even making transactions, all while being constantly updated about their investments as well as the gains and losses made.

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About Fidelity Investments

With more than 70 years of experience in finance, especially in the investment and brokerage aspect of the financial market, Fidelity Investments has emerged as one of the world’s largest asset management firms.

Having also made a mark in the online brokerage market, the Fidelity Investments mobile app is a smartphone based take on the same kind and range of services offered for investors around the world.

Fidelity’s mobile app offers an array of diverse options for stock trading and fractional share trading with a detailed workflow almost at par with the online service offered on desktop versions of Fidelity Investments’ online banking.

While some analytical features do remain limited, consumers and investors can deal with the different order types present and make investments across a multitude of security options with its basket trading services.

In what ways does FIdelity Investments’ app stand out?

Some primary features make the app stand out within a broad range of mobile apps based on finance.

For beginners, a highly customized feed can be created with customized portfolios and information. A broad range of strong money management features are presented with this app allowing management of order history, viewing chart data, monitoring transactions and making all needed payments.

The application is beneficial to conduct readily available and extensive market research with the aid of pre and post market data, options for trading and stock, insights into both global and domestic markets, and domestic stock trading and investment.

A unique feature of managing personalized tax schedules and keeping a tab on required tax forms is included, making the app a much needed full scale financial manager a dream come true. It has informative Watch-list features allowing assessing a heat map and choosing field option metrics, among them being earnings per share.

Fidelity’s app also initiates push notifications for real-time alerts, live news and live videos, as they are helpful for trading and investment, especially in the trading domain. In case users face some issues, they can always call a Fidelity representative through the app and connect with them instantly in resolving issues.

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