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SEO tips to fully Optimize your Shopify site for higher Rankings and more Sales

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Having an online business and optimizing it for search engines is critical for helping potential customers discover your site. SEO helps you to provide a positive experience for users. As the higher your site will be on the search page to discover, the more likely people are to shop from your store.

Search Engine Optimization

Today every company prefers to Hire Shopify SEO Experts for marketing their online business. Because over 50% of website traffic comes from organic search, 20% from paid, and rest from the social and all other sources.

While optimizing your page on a search engine, keywords play the most important role. Hence it’s essential to focus on your keyword research planning.

For optimizing Shopify store for higher ranking and more sales, here are certain points to be considered:

Create Quality Content

Content is the king, so the first thing you have to do is generate quality content with all the relevant information for your audience. Before that prepare your Google knowledge, as 1000 words are the average content length of a Google first page result. This shows quality is important not length.

You can optimize your website link by making a short URL and avoid the numbers like date or years. To rank an image, use Image alt-text in the image section of search engine results. Use the long-tailed keyword for your target audience that will improve the chances of quality traffic of your website.

Establish Your Brand Identity

For generating organic traffic your brand reach should be on a wider scale to many people. It is important to show who you are and what you are providing into the market. The very old but basic thing is that people remember you by your brand.

Stand Out the Reviews

The basic process of the customer is the same to consult reviews and ratings before buying a product. Consumers trust reviews only if there are both negative and positive reviews present.

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Display Your Best-Selling Items

When you display the bestselling items, the customers get some direction to the product or services they are looking for and that leads them to their path of purchase.

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Portray the Benefits of Your Product

Show what makes your product different or unique in the market? What are its benefits? How useful it is for them? Why should they purchase it? Explain your product to them and try to resolve each query.

Social Proof

Social proof shows how a group of customers or consumers trust a brand to buy from it. You can use it for every single product page, like reviews. As from the stats that 90% of consumers trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% trust a recommendation from a total stranger.

Illustrate Through Videos & Images                                                       

Images and Videos are an easy way to communicate with your audience. Through Video you can reach your target audience and occupy the space where they drill the most. It’s your sheer responsibility to reach out in front of them.

Emails for Organic Traffic

Emails help you to keep a healthy customer list. You can send promotional emails to show your loyalty towards them and give them a reason to keep coming back for more. For this, collect email addresses from various other sources of advertising as the starting point to speed up organic traffic for your online store.

Send Abandoned Cart Emails

One of the most frustrating things for customers is to reach the cliff of purchase and it vanishes without a trace. It is called abandoned carts and can be recovered through abandonment emails.

There are many tools available in the market that help automate the abandonment email and start capturing lost revenue.

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It also helps customers who lost their purchase midway and lets them continue with their purchase from your online store.

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Collect Data

Customer information is important for your business. Hence, make sure to collect all the data related to your relevant customers so that you can target them for repeat sales.

The good thing is most of the customers prefer email to communicate with companies. Collecting all the relevant data will help in a better understanding of customers and working accordingly in the right direction.

Referral Marketing

Every business has shifted to customer-led goals. Every online business aims to increase revenue and the volume of traffic of their website. There are multiple ways available to satisfy these goals. Here referral marketing comes into the picture.

Referral marketing helps in growing revenue and boost traffic through Guest Blogging, SEO, Advertising, etc. Nowadays it is overlooked, but it is one of the most useful tactics to increase organic traffic to your online store.


As we have discussed in the above points retargeting means online advertising of your brand to remind customers that left your website before buying or converting.

From the collected data it’s easy to target visitors and meet up with their known behavior and specify marketing messages. If done right, it can boost ad response rates. All in one, targeting the right time of their journey is an important aspect that must be kept in mind.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

  • Page Speed
  • Check Your CTAs
  • Incorporate Chat
  • Site Design & Architecture
  • Go For the Mobile Experience
  • Trust for Brand’s Payment Gateways

To sum up

Apart from the above points keep all the competition in mind, be creative and keep up with the audience. Hire Dedicated Shopify Experts measure, analyze, and adjust to the efforts of your content and link-building strategies.

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