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How can managed print solutions help your hospital?

Samantha Green

Hospitals serve humanity; the medical field is a sacred profession, and professionals should be professionals. Inside a hospital, you can see countless activities running to help patients and deliver a better experience. You will see a finance and budgeting department, a reception and an IT department to keep everything in line. One common tool that you can find across all the departments, including a lab, is the printer. A hospital is involved with volumetric printing jobs, but it should not overspend. Managed print solutions can help with cost control. This post will explain how managed print solutions can help your hospital. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Importance of managed print solutions for hospitals:

Hospitals require a significant amount of print jobs. You will often find a surplus of printing machines at hospitals. However, the management often overlooks print-related expenses and tasks, which can lead to unwanted costs. What is the best therapy to control print-related costs and streamline printing jobs? Opting for managed print solutions should be your go-to option! You can find multiple benefits associated with managed print solutions. The following list will explain these benefits in detail. Let us jump into it!

1. Better cost management:

Do you want to cut out extraneous printing costs in your hospital? You better opt for managed print solutions. It is probably the most impactful benefit you can enjoy. The management often neglects print-related costs in hospitals, which can result in overspending. Cutting on expenses can result in reduced monthly and annual costs. There are multiple techniques you can apply to save cost using managed print services.

  • Auto-toner shipments
  • Once invoice
  • Print tracking
  • Multiple service offerings

These techniques can help you optimize your printing activities and save additional costs. If you use a printer for multiple services, you can save money. If you implement a “one invoice” strategy in your hospital, you can reduce costs.

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2. Time efficiency:

Besides saving money and controlling additional expenses, you can also save time with MPS. Running a hospital can be hectic; every department must be efficient enough to deal with long lines of patients and attendants. The printing tasks can often consume time. What if you use old-school printing devices that take enough time to print a single document? It will never do you any good!

The best way to save time and effort is to opt for managed print solutions. Implementing this strategy will require you to bring modern-day tech-savvy printing machines to your hospital. Do you want to work on these printers? You should contact Xero Dubai and rent an MFP for your hospital!

3. Asset optimization:

Optimizing your printer investment can benefit you in multiple ways. You might have a good printing device in your hospital, but in a department where it is least utilized. On the contrary, what if a particular department prints hundreds of pages per day but with an old-school printer? MPS can help you move the best printer to your busy department to optimize the workflow.

Doing so will help you use the best device for the best job. Your patients will receive timely reports, and your employees can reduce the risk. The more you focus on asset optimization, the better!

4. Centralized solutions:

Another positive outcome of implementing a managed print solution strategy is centralized solutions. Your printing devices might encounter technical faults of different intensity and nature; how do you fix these faults? No matter what the problem is, you can call a SINGLE number and ask for help. The technical team will show up as soon as you call them.

Getting service assistance from a single provider can help you streamline your operations. The technical team will understand your workflow and working plan. You don’t need to introduce the entire infrastructure, as you would do in case of a new technical team.

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5. Better print security:

Using modern-day printers can help you improve document security. Patients often have sensitive information reported on documents that you must print. What if this information is stolen or copied for manipulation? It will be your fault! It would be best to ensure that your printing devices are safe from cybersecurity threats to protect information. It also helps you comply with security standards.

With an abundance of printing devices, the risk of security attacks or ignorance is usually higher. However, if you use modern-day devices, you can reduce these risks. It is time to contact Xerox Dubai companies and rent a tech-savvy and secure printer for your hospital.

Let MPS optimize your hospital printing tasks!

Your hospital might undergo countless print tasks a day. The best way to optimize print performance is to opt for modern-day devices and implement a managed print solutions strategy. It will help you control costs and additional expenses while optimizing your assets. You can also enjoy centralized solutions and better security for your sensitive information.

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