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Google v/s DuckDuckGo: Is it Time to Switch the Search Engine?

Jasmine Watson

Started from a garage, Google has successfully made its way to almost every household and workplace. It is no longer just a search engine as it keeps track of its users and their activity on the internet. There seems no plausible alternative to its service apart from some individual tech companies.

DuckDuckGo is one such alternative that has gain popularity for its privacy policies. On papers, they promise no data is shared with the advertisement companies, unlike Google. But there are other aspects as well that includes performance while considering a switch.

Here, we have compared DuckDuckGo and Google to help you decide whether to switch or not.

Google Search Engine

Google is indeed the best search engine in terms of performance and its tools. The way it handles queries results from hard work put together by the great minds in Silicon Valley. Here are the prime reasons to consider if you want to continue with Google–

Unmatched Performance

Google is the best in terms of performance, as it shows plenty of relevant results in no time. You have images, videos, translate, maps, and whatnot without the time lag. Also, the information it displays remains as fresh as it can be with publish date next to it.

Plenty of Tools

Google is a complete online suite that contains tools such as maps, translate, cloud service, and productivity apps. All these applications are optimised for the smartphones as well, regardless of the OS. Therefore, you can use them on any device next to you.

Query Understanding

Google’s search algorithm is the best when it comes to understanding user queries. The results fulfil the purpose of search within the first page almost every time. You don’t have to click on some links as Google tries its best to generate information on the search page itself.

Local Search

Google has simplified the local search for amenities, businesses, and other information. This provides an opportunity for the local business to meet potential customers. At times, the local informational pages are preferred over the other pages.

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Algorithm Improvements

Google sometimes put too much effort into providing a better experience to its user to a troubling extent. A simple businessman may have to hire a team of professionals to manage the SEO with the ever-evolving algorithm. However, they can avail personal loans to cover the cost of SEO outsourcing.

Privacy Concerns

People are aware that Google tracks some information or activities of its users for the advertisement purpose. They use it to target the audience with more personalised ads. Users may not prefer some company keeping track of the websites they visit as it seems a violation of privacy.


Blackhat SEOs can use tools such as Maps to spam the users. Even the algorithm often has some loopholes that allow them to use unethical practices. Google is improving its algorithm continuously but the results don’t seem to impress the white hat SEO community.

DuckDuckGO Search Engine

Privacy was the real reason for the majority of the people to look for an alternative. And it was provided by DuckDuckGO with some intuitive features and similar layout. These are the factors that may help you form an opinion for the direct competitor of Google.


DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn’t track the internet activity and information of its users. Therefore, no data is used to provide personalised ads to intrude a user’s personal space. It uses the search query to display ads and earn money.

Similar Layout

Almost every search engine has the same signature layout to make sure users find their way easily. If you switch to DuckDuckGo, there will be no time wasted on finding a tool or button. The first page will have 10 organic search results after 2 marked ads.


Bang! is a feature that deserves special mention because of the time it saves while browsing some website. You can use it to search a specific website for the keyword by using the predetermined code. Currently, it has over 13,000 codes with the option to add more to the list.

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Instant Answers

Similar to Google, DuckDuckGo also provides instant answers to queries with some information. These may include information of businesses, answers to questions, and steps for some recipe or how-to. However, it depends on other service providers for displaying directions, such as Apple and Google.

Less Smart

The queries show significant results, but they still lag Google’s level of accuracy in providing relevant results. You can expect more black hat SEOs are taking advantage of the bigger loopholes in the algorithm. An investment in hiring experts is a must to grow business, take bad credit loans if the finances are tight.

Always Chasing

A significant drawback with DuckDuckGo until now is that it lags behind Google in terms of innovation. You will find the browser chasing the industry leader to maintain the same performance. Apart from privacy policy, it is hard to predict a future where it comes out of Google’s shadow.

Limited Functionality

It is hard to match the numerous services provided by Google for any search engine in the market. DuckDuckGo lies in the same category with a limited set of features in the offering, There are no Google Maps, Books, Flights, and Earth to keep you engaged.

To conclude, it is your choice to select a search engine between the two competitors. Google offer superior experience with plenty of tools and advance search algorithm. While DuckDuckGo respects the privacy of users by not using their information to make money.

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