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Google Introduces a Simple Yet Secured Way to Transfer Data to its Cloud

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  • Google Cloud Launches Transfer Service for on-premise data to help companies transfer data from their system to the cloud.
  • This new service provides an easier way for enterprises to handle the transfer of extensive data (petabytes) and billions of files.
  • It complements with the past launched similar services by Google that allows companies to transfer data to data centers via FedEx and Google’s BigQuery service.

The evolution of technology has paved the way for generating an enormous amount of data in all enterprises. Thus cloud technology was invented using which today, many companies are running their business in the cloud. Also, many companies are operating their own storage solutions for their data storage. However, a lot of companies face technical problems like large transfer time, limited transfer of data thereby creating a threat to their data secrecy.

Considering this, Google, the cloud giant and search engine recently announced Transfer Services, the new service for businesses so that they can transfer their on-premise system data to the cloud. The specialty of Transfer Services is that companies can perform large-scale transfers i.e. billions of files and multiple data in petabyte size. Google had previously built similar services that allowed companies to transfer their data physically from local data centers and on-premise systems to the cloud. Transfer Services is the smoother version of the previous process where there is a reduction in the complexity of data transfer along with increasing the speed of transfer, unlike other online tools.

Transfer Service performs the hard work of verifying the integrity of your data as it transfers to the cloud so that you can confidently transfer your files. It is reliable and secure so that if any failure occurs, the transfer agent automatically handles it and tries to reduce the transfer times by using most of the available bandwidth. In addition, Transfer Service needs no extra maintenance or coding, therefore, allowing your company to concentrate on productivity and not on operations.


According to Senior Analyst Scott Sinclair, many enterprises are trying to create their own custom solutions which can prove disastrous if they are unable to predict costs and future resourcing. But with Transfer Service, companies can calculate their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thus reducing the confusion with data transfers. Scott further says that the Transfer Service for on-premises beta data is perfect for businesses transferring data in critical cases like analytics and machine learning, disaster recovery, etc.

How Does It Work?

  • Install the on-premises software and start it. Go to the Cloud Console and give in the directories or files for transferring to Cloud Storage.
  • During data transfer, the Transfer Service will correspond with many agents for shifting your data over a secured Internet connection to Google Cloud.

One more advanced feature of Transfer Service is it comes with a completely self-service Graphical User Interface (GUI) with transfer logos. With this, you can confidently create, monitor or manage your data transfer.

The main aim of Google to launch this service is to make things easier for companies so that they can have less friction with their data transfer tasks. Companies can now try Transfer Services available in beta.

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