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Cancel The Antivirus Subscription And Make Auto-Renewal Refund Request

Novella Johns

Norton Antivirus is a really popular Antivirus program for Windows PC. They arrive in free trials for restricted days but finally make you obtain the top version. These are extremely bothersome structures of the program. Contrary to other Antivirus applications, this doesn’t allow you to utilize the free version for a longer period. And when there are any upgrades in the program, you’re made to make the buy. And lastly, comes the automated renewal which is going to automatically bill from the Debit or Credit card. This has become quite annoying, and so here we’ve brought you the remedy to Cancel Norton Antivirus.

As soon as you’ve used Norton Antivirus, you may feel protected from hackers or viruses or some other unknown origin hoping to damage your PC. But another difficulty that appears with all the Norton Antivirus premium is they quietly charge immediately soon as the upgrades will be automatically done on your computer. Though these are untrue you’re also getting 60 days of refund choices. So whenever you’ve noticed the Norton Antivirus has billed you, you then immediately Cancel Norton subscription and Claim for a Refund.

The Way to Cancel Norton Antivirus?

Nothing, when you buy the very first strategy on Norton Antivirus you have to provide you’ve got to use your credit or credit card. With the support of this card, it is simple to create any purchase. However, the problem arises when you’re not aware of the automated Renewal schemes. The Norton will immediately subtract the upgrades charge instantly from the card balance. If you don’t disable these, then you are going to face the very same consequences. Follow the tutorials to cancel the Norton Antivirus out of the windows PC.

Measures To Cancel Norton Antivirus

  1. You should Sign in to your Norton Account
  2. Now from the dash, you will find that the Automatic Renewal going
  3. Just move the slider Turn Off.
  4. In the end, confirm your option to switch off the Automatic Renewals.
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Notes: It is almost always preferable to avoid something that will be incorrect in the first future. So herewith the assistance of the aforementioned tutorials, you can cancel Norton Antivirus until you’ve been billed.

Steps For Obtaining a Refund For Your Norton Cancellation:

To receive a refund, you receive 60 days of length. Therefore, if you’re charged with the automated renewal method, here with the aid of these measures below, you may readily get refunded on your debit or credit card. If you left the purchase with your credit card or credit card for your first time, also as a result of auto-renewal, if your money was removed then you are able to get them. However, you need to be certain you promised a refund within 60 days of durations.

According to Norton standards, the sole process for receiving the refund is utilizing the Phone Norton Support. The very best time for calls and immediate response is ensured about the following day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

After it’s possible to get in touch with all the Norton support groups, you should have patience and wait for 3 minutes(approx.) To find a response. There’s also a criticism text box, in which you compose and submit your data for quicker help.


I hope, you’ve successfully canceled the Norton Antivirus and maintained that your Refund. Shortly you’ll find the answer to acquire the refund instantly.

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