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Is it worth paying influencers for brand promotion?

Pranav Jha

It all started a very long time ago when celebrities were majorly used for endorsement purposes. There was not much craze for the Internet and hence the social media was very less popular. Due to all these, we were unknown of the term ‘Influencer’.

Therefore, we were indiscriminately accepting of the items that are embraced by the big names. This all gave the marketers a view that the more the branding or marketing of the product, the more will be its sales. On national TV, the celebs that were hired for endorsing the products kept on increasing their rates. More popular the celebrity higher will be their charge of endorsement, thereby resulting in growing the market of the brand or product and increasing its sale.

But now, with the introduction of influencers, we are likely to trust them more than celebrities. We trust them because of the work they do. They don’t have large connections to grow their fanbase and therefore, the increment in their follower’s list is due to their hard work and dedication towards their work. All of these boost our confidence in them. So, we trust the product in their words and convinces ourselves to try it once. Later depends on the results after the trial. If we find the product worthy, then we are going to get consistent with it, if not, then we will never try it anymore.

Similar rehashes without fail. Yet, the worry of this theme is somewhat extraordinary. We are going to find out that whether we will make a fruitful deal on investing in the influencers or not. Well, you are going to catch it yourself ahead in this article. Before that, let us plunge profound into the market size of influencers.

What is the average cost of influencer marketing in India?

Many times, I get such questions as “How much do influencers get paid for brand deals”? The appropriate response is somewhat precarious for it.

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Regardless of whether it be India or anyplace on the planet, the charge contingent upon a few variables. If you approach a celeb to endorse your product, they are going to charge a long bill upon you for a single post. Popular the face, more will be their charge.

But in case, if you are going to ask any micro-influencer to endorse your product or to post for it, the charge will be slightly lower than the celeb. So it goes on the following manner:-

  • Celebrity influencers:- Charge highest for their single post. The number of followers is also large. Charges start from lakhs and might rise up to crores.
  • Mega influencers:- They also have a strong fanbase or followers up to 5m and their charges vary between 1 lakhs to 10 lakhs.
  • Macro influencers:– They are below the mega influencers and their followers vary between 50k to 5m. Their charges are lower than the above two and lie in the range of 50k to 1 lakhs.
  • Micro-influencers:- The lowest in the group lies are the micro-influencers.They have a fanbase of 1k to 50k and they are one of the most demanded influencers in India. Even the major part of influencers in India is consists of micro-influencers. They charge the lowest for branding any product, it will be lower than 50k.

The large market size of these influencers is due to a large audience of these influencers. Reports said that more than 70% of advertisers depend on web-based media influencers to advance their brands and items.

Have you ever pondered the result of the advancements that you are doing for your item? What if the promotion videos or posts are unheard of or skipped? Not only these, just imagine the failure of generating the leads and conversions.

Isn’t it going to be a harsh deal for you

But with influencer marketing, it is definitely going to be a win-win criterion. The ROI is also up to the mark for influencers. It is a minimum of 5 times your investment. So, if you are going ahead with influencers, then my friend, it is a very great decision. It is really worth paying influencers for brand promotion.

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You can also visit Celefi Brand Promotion Company to choose the influencers from the wide list of celebrities and influencers they have. One can ask for either a brand promotion video or a social media post from them. The charges are also affordable. If you are a startup or an SME, then it is going to be tough for you to get a response from any famous person if you approach them for endorsement. So, it is a great tool for you to move ahead with your decision of brand promotion by celeb with a budget-friendly deal.

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