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Famous 10 astrologers in India

Hardik Patel

Astrologers uses astrology to learn the person and the way his star influences, and the person’s birth chart is an essential tool to perform this ritual. So below are some of the Famous Astrologers India who would help you know your predictions.

1.Gurukrupa Astrologer:

The skill of  Gurukrupa Astrologer is to explain the birth chart which is an exclusive pattern for the person’s growth throughout their life. Gurukrupa uses their unique method and predicts the person’s future. They follow the correspondence system, which means each planet wll correspond with distinct behavior patterns that result in specific personality patterns. It is not an easy task to perform and requires many years of experience and deep knowledge. And Gurukrupa is exceptionally talented in Gandmool, Kaal, Laxmi, Manglik, Rahu, Ketu, Kavach, Yatra, and Gems.

2. Bejan Daruwalla:

He is among the Famous Astrologers India and has ranked top. His clients are famous and rich people and also published many books. In the last 1000 years in The Millennium book of Prophecy, he is named one of the 100 influential astrologers. For his accurate predictions, he has been warded with several accolades. Bejan is pro in Kabalah, I-Ching, Numerology, and Palmistry, apart from Western and Vedic astrology. He is gifted with great intuition and popularly famous in the USA. His predictions appear everyday in many leading dailies in Abroad and India and well renowned in the USA.

3. Pt Ajai Bhambi:

Bhambi is a postgraduate in Law as well as an Economics graduate. Before practicing astrology, he was a lawyer. He wrote many books and also a film stars astrologer who can attain global fame. Sportspeople, Actors, musicians, politicians, models, artists, and writers are among his clients. As an astrologer, he seeks to offer his client the proper knowledge to deal with their issues. His accurate prediction are genuinely unique. He is a noted prolific writer and TV personality.

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4. Vijaylakshmi:

Vijayalakshmi is one of the great astrologers in the country. She possesses two years of experience in Vedic astrology and has been AstroVed for over 15 years, and has received 50,000 consultations in the period. She has a great intuitive powers and firmly believes that bad karma that carries over from our past lives has a significant impact on us in this current life. She is a pro in identifying such karma and offering practical solutions to them. While she prays, she uses the divine visions, and with that, she provides the remedies to her clients. Her ultimate experience in Medical Astrology, Karmic Astrology, KP, Electional Astrology, Gemology, and Numerology allows her to closely identify the most profound people’s problems and give the right solution.

5. Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma:

Dr. Prem Kumar has made various predictions in leading dailies like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, etc.  He comes from a family of Famous Astrologers India and answers most of the people’s queries in the former publication. Though Sharma studied mechanical engineer, he realized his interest and talent for astrology, and later, he made a casual prediction for relatives and friends that came true. He has studied and researched subjects like astronomy, astrology, Numerology, gemology, and the Tantras.

6. K.N. Rao:

When he was 12-year-old, Rao’s mother introduced him to Vedic astrology. He refuses to charge any payment for teaching astrology and has won many of his admirer’s hearts. Rao is from the reputed Andhra Brahmin family and had done masters in English Literature, and before joint the Audit and Accounts Service, he taught English to many. And later, from the Accounts and Audit services, he got retired as the Director-General in 1990. He has also learned some known secrets from his gurus Yogi Bhaskaranda and Swami Paramanada Saraswati, which can’t be found in any of the books.

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7. Anupam V. Kapil:

Kapil is a palmist, psychic, and the only phonetic numerologist in India. He was the author of the best-seller Numerology made easy. And he also contributes to writing astrology columns daily for the Time of India, and his regular predictions in Radio Mirchi have a massive audience. He has done his Masters in Journalism and communications and got a degree in Law and MBA. Most of the people consult him for advice on Numerology. Kapil has written columns for Indian Express, The Times Of India, and Mid-Day. Because his accurate solutions and predictions have helped many politicians, film stars, and models, he has become more popular among them—no doubt why Kapil is the Famous Astrologers India because of its accurateness and popularity.

8. Bansilal M Jumaani:

Initially, he started as a finance broker and began practicing Numerology as a hobby. He is the one to predict the results of the Kaho Na Pyar Hai; a famous movie Bansilalji has a unique perfect method of Numerology learning it for over 30 years. Once, he sent a message to a renowned celebrity in jail, if his case for hearing happened on a specific day, he would be released. Undoubtedly it turned true, and it marked the turning point in his career. Then film distributor and a friend, Farahad Nathani, offer him some film to see which one would turn to be lucky for him. The film title he circled in one was Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, where Bansilal added two extra A’s.

9. Sanjay B. Jumaani:

He is the son of famous numerologists Bansilal M Jumaani. Sanjay B Jumaani quit his 17 years job as a marketing executive and choose to be a numerologist like his father. Jumaani being the Astro numerologists often consulted by businesses like Reliance, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and even Smriti Irani, a politician, have also consulted with him. He had been approved for the Jio, a telecom brand of Reliance, and suggested a suitable launch date.

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10. Dr. Sohini Sastri:

Dr. Sohini Sastri is a Famous Astrologers India who has been awarded as the best astrologer in 2019. Several universities have complimented her, and she is pretty popular among industrialists and Bollywood celebrities. Dr. Sohini Sastri believes that their life in this birth is sculptured by their action in their past life or karma. She counsels her clients and motivates them to find ways to face their problems. Dr. Sohini Sastri is an expert in palmistry, Vedic astrology, Vastu shastra, and Numerology. She is one of the excellent Tantrik in India with a preferred choice of many Bollywood characters.


All the listed astrologers are known for their unique practices and years of experience with deep knowledge. So the choice is yours to choose among the Famous Astrologers India.

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