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Must Know Treatment of ED in Hypertension Patients

Alex Timothy

Treatment of ED in Hypertension Patients

Prevalence of erectile dysfunction and hypertension in males is found in almost every part of the world. This is simply due to the fact that hypertension creates conditions for erectile dysfunction in males.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which males are not able to get an erection even when they are fully aroused. Medical observations have shown that a male with hypertension is already suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is not reported or is likely to suffer from it in near future. The chances are twice as high as in non hypertension males. The treatment of underlying causes is vital to get relief from erectile dysfunction in such males. Erection problem never occurs without an underlying cause. It is a manifestation of the underlying cause.

Take Care of Underlying Cause

Doctors need to make sure that erectile issues are primarily due to hypertension.  The comprehensive medical examination will reveal the exact cause of the erectile problem.  There may be other issues behind erection problems in males over 40 with hypertension. It could be due to stress dealing with hypertension .It could also be due to the side effect of certain drugs prescribed in treatment of blood pressure .

A man with a blood pressure problem needs to take steps to control blood pressure. Without controlling the underlying cause, it is not possible to cure erectile dysfunction.  In fact, any deterioration in the blood pressure condition can only worsen the erectile dysfunction. There is no harm in using medicines doctors prescribe to ensure smooth erection, but without controlling the hypertension, there will be deterioration in the erection process. The males with mild and moderate erection issues due to hypertension can reverse the case by controlling the hypertension.

For immediate result in erection during the hypertension treatment, doctors prescribe Sildenafil citrate 150mg to help males get an erection. But the treatment comes only with hypertension control.

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Diet Change and Lifestyle Intervention

Lifestyle modification is the best treatment plan that can be applied by a hypersensitive male.  It involves changing diet, exercise, cutting on sugar, salt and refined products. It must be understood that lifestyle creates conditions which led to blood pressure problems in the first place. So change in lifestyle is the finest natural remedy that a hypertensive patient needs even with medication. The control over blood pressure gradually improves erection degree. It is a medical fact that any exercise at the moderate level reduces the intensity of erection issue by at last one third of original intensity.

Changing Medicines For Less Negative Impact on Erection Process

Some medicines prescribed for blood pressure cause side effects which may lead to erectile dysfunction. However not all drugs cause erectile difficulties. The patient should mention the same problem to a doctor. Doctors often change the medication to include those medicines which are less likely to cause any erection problem. Alpha blockers, ACE inhibitor, angioten –sin-receptor blockers hardly cause any erectile issue. But doctors suggest that a male taking such drugs should not mix them with erection boosting drugs, as ED drugs react strongly with such drugs. Anyone using Generic cialis 60 mg prescribed by doctors is also advised to avoid any drug with the dose for at least 24 hours. The use of erection boosting drugs itself is not a problem for a hypertensive patient.

Some negative impact on the erection process by blood pressure drugs is not cause for concern. In most of the cases, these issues are temporary and eventually fail to cause any permanent impact. The patient should seek medical guidance before discontinuing medication.


Hypertension often leads to erectile dysfunction in a large number of males. It damages blood vessels, which leads to reduced blood flow, the cellular cause of erectile issue. But it is possible to cure any erection related problem during blood pressure with simple natural remedies that include medicines, diet change and adherence to some exercises during the treatment will have positive results on erection. The best part of the treatment is that there is no difference in lifestyle that needs to be maintained to deal with both the issues at the same time.

Alex Timothy

Dr Alex timothy is a senior doctor and surgeon with over two decades of experience. As a leading consultant to various medical institutes, Dr Alex always suggested a healthy lifestyle as a major deterrence to several lifestyle diseases including type 2 diabetes.

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