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Early signs of a heart attack one should take seriously

Early signs of a heart attack one should take seriously

It’s so important for you to be aware of the early warning signs of a heart attack. While you may think of a heart attack as something dramatic like seeing stars or clutching your chest in agony, often the early signs are more subtle. Paying attention to even slight changes in how you feel could save your life

Chest Discomfort

Pay attention to any chest pain or discomfort. It can feel like pressure, squeezing, burning or tightness in your chest. Don’t assume it’s heartburn – it’s better to get it checked out. The pain or discomfort may spread to your arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach. Contact a doctor if it doesn’t go away after a few minutes.

Shortness of Breath

Feeling excessively tired or short of breath during ordinary activities could signify a lack of oxygen to your heart. You may have trouble breathing during light exertion like climbing stairs. Note if you’re feeling breathless at rest as well. This could indicate a serious problem developing.

Unusual Fatigue

Being unusually tired for no reason may suggest your heart isn’t functioning as it should. It’s not the sort of fatigue that rests after sleeping. Pay attention if you feel abnormally exhausted doing everyday tasks. This fatigue could be masking poor circulation.

Jaw/Back Pain

Don’t brush off pain that radiates to your jaw, teeth or upper back. While you may think it’s dental issues, it needs checking to rule out the heart. Women especially experience vague back or jaw pain rather than typical chest symptoms.

Nausea & Sweating

Feeling nauseated or sweaty unexpectedly may seem normal but can point to reduced blood flow. Sweating may just feel like hot flashes, but nausea without another cause needs medical review. These symptoms combined are a red flag.

Women’s Warning Signs

Because heart attack warning signs differ for women, they often ignore important clues. Note upper abdominal pain or indigestion that won’t go away. Women commonly have less obvious symptoms like unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, back/jaw discomfort and nausea instead of chest pain.

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Fluttering & Slowing Heart

Call 102 immediately if your heart rate seems abnormal – fluttering, pounding or slowing down markedly. Any abrupt changes in your heart’s regular pattern should not be ignored. Getting help promptly is crucial when the heart acts irregularly.

Act Fast

If multiple signs seem related to the heart, don’t delay calling for emergency assistance. Speed is key to limit damage, so phone 102 promptly if concerning symptoms persist more than 5 minutes. Early responders can begin treatment on the way to the hospital. Better safe than sorry when your health is involved.

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