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How to care for the skin in winter?

Daisy Faith

Winter is here, and skin care issues are on the agenda again. The way of skin care in winter cannot be the same as in summer, and the resistance of the skin is also different in different seasons. Does your skin appear hoarse, dark yellow, dry, and molting? So, how do you care for your skin in winter? Xiaoxue will introduce to you below.

Prevent dry and peeling skin

Winter is coming. First of all, we must prevent dry skin and molting. Dry hot indoor air and cold outdoor climate are often the sudden points of the problem, because they will directly damage the intercellular substance of the skin and cause the loss of skin moisture. The solution is to apply more moisturizing creams rich in vitamins on the skin to keep warm and not to be blown by the cold wind, or to equip a humidifier when indoors, which can effectively prevent dry skin and peeling. Buy Skincare products and don’t miss the Amazon promo code nhs at NHS Discount Code

Cold and hot water washing

In winter, the method of washing your face is exquisite. The best way to wash your face with hot and cold water is to wash your face with warm water. When washing your face with warm water, the pores on your face will be opened by hot water, and then wash your face with cold water to stimulate pores and shrink pores. This is conducive to the circulation and contraction of pores. It is not easy to form the “insensitiveness” of the skin in winter, thus effectively protecting the skin.

Sweat steam

In winter, beauties can choose to sweat to moisturize their skin. The hot temperature opens the pores and the hot and humid water vapor enters the pores, which is a good protection for the skin.Replace the foam cleanser

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Foaming facial cleansers mostly contain the effect of degreasing, and the winter comes and the skin is dry. At this time, you should replace the instant facial cleansers used in summer.

Massage to promote the absorption of softening lotion

Winter is here, you may feel that the toner is not so easy to absorb, the skin becomes dry, dull and loses vitality. At this time, you can apply toner to your face while massaging to promote the absorption of toner.

Vitamin supplement

In winter, the skin becomes very sensitive. At this time, it is not only necessary to moisturize the skin externally, but also to enhance the resistance of the skin internally. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more fruits and supplement with rich vitamins to ensure skin elasticity. Buy Vitamin supplement and Never Miss MyProtein Discount Code 50 Off at Brand Discount

Winter is here, Xiaoxue recommends that you exercise more. Exercise can open pores and promote blood circulation. At the same time, exercise can make your skin firmer.

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