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Do’s and Don’ts When Purchasing Yoga Mat

Devendra Singh

Yoga in itself is a beautiful way to rejuvenate yourself from the worries that you face every day. But the beauty is not just in the technique itself it is also the people who perform it with much compassion which just adds onto the entire beauty factor! Such a simple act of sitting on the ground and stretching your body parts also shows the respect that you have for a culture apart from being one with mother nature! Here we will take a look at all the dos and don’ts when purchasing a yoga mat which you need to keep in mind so that there is no discomfort faced when you go on for a yoga session!

Starting with a brief history of yoga mats let’s understand how yoga mats came into existence!

History of yoga mats:

It was Angela Farmer who is one of the most respectable yoga teachers in the entire world who came up with the ideas of yoga mats. It was when she was young, she had experienced that while doing yoga you tend to sweat a lot and hence leading to a slip which can be very bad for your body as it can even damage your body for a long time. This was when she understood that it is important to have a tool that will keep you from slipping while performing the yoga poses. That is exactly when the idea of yoga mats came up and the yoga mat which you see now in front of you is the same idea that was generated by Angela Farmer! This yoga mat also helped Angela from performing the yoga poses in an excellent manner.

Now that we know how it came into existence here are some of the dos and don’ts that most people have no idea about before actually picking a good yoga mat. Check out these 5 tips before you actually purchase one!

  1. Weight:
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The weight of a yoga mat is one of the first things that you need to look after! Buying a heavy yoga mat not only makes it hard to take it to your yoga classes but it will also make you dreary of the thought of carrying it back and from the classes. Nor will you get to carry the yoga mat along with you if you are going for a vacation or for an outdoor shoot. Hence going for a yoga mat that is light and not so heavy will be one of the best choices.

2. Stickiness:

The stickiness must not be too much that you sit and then you can’t really get up. It should also not mean that once you start a yoga pose you end up slipping down. Both of these extremes end up making a good yoga pose the worst nightmare! You need to look for a mat that will be skid-proof and one which has a firm gripping surface! It should also be able to absorb most of your sweat so that there is no slip happening during the yoga sessions.

3. Sustainability:

Being responsible individuals, it is necessary, you select those yoga mats such as the ones that are offered through MatsHut which are both eco-friendly and sustainable rather than those which are made of PVC and are non-biodegradable! One of the best types of yoga mat that you select are those made from cork which is considered to have a long sustainability rate!

4. Thickness:

Most of the yoga mats have an average thickness of 6mm”. However, you can also select the thickness according to the space where you will be performing yoga asanas. However, thin yoga mats are the most preferred ones as they are easy to be folded and to be carried around. Thicker yoga mats are for those who experience bad knee joint pain. The thick yoga mats will provide an extra cushiony effect for these people and hence give a comfortable place to do the yoga pose on!

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5. Appearance:

There are a lot of people out there who would love a good printed yoga mat being used and that is completely alright as you can refer to MatsHut to get your own customized yoga mats. Right from printed yoga mats to plain yoga mats to even mantra-specified yoga mats you can have them all. It helps get yourself excited for each session that just looking at the mat and then giving up!

Now that you know what are the dos and don’ts that you need to look after when selecting a yoga mat for yourself you can enjoy shopping yoga mats online through MatsHut where you can order your own favorite yoga mat through dozens of designs!

Devendra Singh

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