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Playing Online Poker and Living A Normal Life: Is that Even Possible

RohitSharma Sharma

Online poker games are fun and educating but sometimes when you cross the thin line between fun and stress, you end up exhausted and broken. Poker is a stimulating skill based game that teaches you some core life skills such as mental endurance, patience, discipline, emotional intelligence as well as learning how to handle budget affairs. This holds true when you play poker online for real money

This blog is especially for those who have made online poker games an intrinsic part of their daily lives and refuse to catch a break and unplug even during critical times. Remember, online poker is a mental sport and if you stress much and forget the fact that it’s just a game after all, things might go south sooner than you think and you might lose it all.

So, how to play poker online and strike a balance with your daily lives? Is that even possible?

Online real money poker games are meant to be fun and awesome stress-busters when you have had a taxing day at work. Come back home, do your daily chores and unwind by playing a few hands at the cash tables and maybe even win some money. Isn’t that fulfilling?

Treat it as an Un-winder

However, if you don’t apply a couple of life skills such as discipline and emotional control on the tables, you will end up spending much more time that you had planned when you first settled to play. If it’s 50 hands, let it be no more than that, not even one!

The point is to distress and have fun, remember? Whenever you feel you are losing your propensity to behave competitively at the tables, simply unplug and get up without blinking twice. Do not linger to recover what you lost, it’s the dumbest move you’ll ever make!

Maintain a Strict Poker Bankroll

If you play poker online for real money but haven’t experience a great run so far, one of the most likely reasons could be because you are you are putting in more money than you can afford to lose. For this, you must consider some key elements in your game such as your current skills, the stakes you play and the type of games you play.

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As a beginner, you should play poker online as a hobby and not spend more than 5-10% of your bankroll in a single game. If you are a tournament player, you must ensure that you divide your buy-ins equally and be smart about picking games.

For example, rather than paying a large sum for a big event, join the satellites. They are easy to navigate and they elevate your chances of winning a free seat to the big event. On the cash tables, stick to the lowest stakes so that the fun never goes away and you can find some fish from whom you can steal some easy money.

Go Easy On Yourself

Remember the first goal of playing poker online? Have fun! If you become a typical grinder without realizing, you are losing control and have become obsessed. To play poker online for real money for hours at a stretch isn’t a healthy habit unless you are preparing for something major. Those who succeed and later become professional grinders know the importance of having frequent breaks between each game.

Playing poker online responsibly is crucial in order to maintain unwavering passion. For this, you got to sleep for at least 6-8 hours and enjoy frequent healthy meals. Get up during the breaks, stretch yourself, take a walk, and hydrate yourself. Doing so will refrain you from making irrational or emotional decisions at the tables and help build your mental endurance to withstand variance in online poker real money games. If you lost too many games recently, going down stakes isn’t a bad idea at all.

Summing Up

Not every day can be a winning day in any skill game. We will leave you today with some incredible options that will keep the fun alive at the tables and also help you earn money in online poker games.

PokerBaazi hosts the latest Grinders Series 50LAC+ GTD

Introducing the latest edition of the popular Grinders Series, a special one carved out especially for low stakes players. The Baazi Grinders Series offers beginners in online real money poker games plenty of games to win from attractive prize pools and also earn Daily Leaderboard rewards making your time on the tables truly count.

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Some important highlights that we shall leave you to dabble with and get started today.

  • The Baazi Grinders Series goes live from 15th-21st February.
  • 35 tourneys in a span of 7 days, simply pick the ones that are within your bankroll
  • Buy-ins start a slow as INR 22. Yep, there’s one for everyone!
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