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8 Quick Tips for Candidates to Crack an Amazon Interview in 2021

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When it comes to getting a good job at Amazon, you should do good preparation. Most reputable tech-giant companies usually ask brain teasers during the interview process. But, the interview process of Amazon is a little bit different from various other MNCs. The interview process of Amazon is specially tailored for finding the real examples of work that candidates have performed.

When the recruiter from Amazon calls any candidate for interviews, then he or she asks fair questions. Also, they provide tools and resources to the candidates to help them. But it is very important to do research and preparation to get selected. Here, in this article, we are sharing some Amazon interview tips that will help you to crack the upcoming interview at Amazon:

1. Practice Behavioral Based Questions

During the Amazon interview, recruiters will ask a few behavioral-based questions from the candidates. Interviewers will ask some questions based on the past situations and challenges faced by the candidates and how they have handled them.

The discussion is also based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles. It is recommended to the candidates read job descriptions to answer certain questions. This trick will help the candidates to give appropriate answers according to the requirement of the job post.

2. Use STAR Technique

STAR is an abbreviated form of Situation, Task, Action, and Results. The STAR approach is a structured technique to properly respond to the behavioral-based question during the AMAZON interview. According to this approach, you should first describe the situation, then talk about your responsibilities, then actions were taken by you, and finally, describe the outcome.

Also, you should prepare some real stories in advance so that you can nail the answers. Along with the STAR technique, you should also learn about Amazon phone interview tips.

3. Provide Details

Usually, candidates do not dive deep inside while describing their answers. While giving an answer to various questions during the Amazon interview, you should always keep in mind that specific details play a vital role. You should give detailed information on behavioral-based questions. Also, you should use data or metrics to support your example.

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4. Focus on “I” not “we”

When an interviewer asks about your role in accomplishing any project, then you should describe those tasks that were done by you. Thus, you should focus on “I” instead of “we” while describing your contribution in completing any project. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid While Discussing Failures

Usually, you have heard that you should not discuss your failures. You should prepare certain examples for attending an interview and show your expertise in accepting challenges and taking risks. You should talk about your success and failures as well.

Always keep in mind that most successful programs of the Amazon have roots in various failed projects. It is not possible to do innovation without failure. Failure allows you to improve your skills.  

6. Reasons To Work At Amazon

The interviewers will ask the reason for choosing Amazon. Interviewers want to know why you want to grow your career in this company. Your answer will help the interviewers find out the real you. Most candidates say that they want to work in a large-scale and innovative company.

But interviewers want to listen to why Amazon fits into your career path. The interviewers want to know whether you are the kind of person who helps in uplifting this organization with your skills and creativity. Also, interviewers want to listen to what you want to learn while working in Amazon.

7. Ask For Clarification

You should not hesitate while following up to clear your doubts. Sometimes, the interviewer asks you a question without giving a proper clarification then you should ask for the detailed context. Interviewers ask a lot of questions on Amazon because it is part of the process for amazon interview.

We make sure that candidates feel comfortable with this type of environment. When the interviewer asks a question and demands a solid answer, then make sure that the question is clear. Otherwise, you should freely clear your doubts.

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8. Brush Up Your Writing Skills

Sometimes, the interviewer may ask you to provide a good writing sample. It is dependent on the role for which you are giving an interview. This writing section will not be limited to the previous writing roles. It is one of the unique concepts in the Amazon interview process and you should consider it as one of the most important amazon interview tips for 2021. At Amazon, PowerPoint and slide-show-based presentations are not used in meetings.

We prefer narratively structured memos and every participant of the meeting read these memos silently. The memo is composed of vital information such as tactics, outcomes, project goals, and many more. Memos affect our decision-making and flowing of thought in written format. Thus, it is recommended to the candidates that they should brush up on their writing skills.

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