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The Complete Guide to B2B Content Marketing.

Ellie Singh

B2B content marketing, or it is also known as business-to-business content marketing, can be slightly challenging, and it’s only going to become more so in the coming years (if such a thing were possible).

That’s why we wanted to create a seriously comprehensive, detailed guide to content marketing for B2B-focuse business.

What Is B2B Content Marketing?

As the name tells, B2B content marketing is the art of using your content to expand your business’s audience, strengthen and develop brand identity, and drive leads and sales by appealing to other businesses.

All that sets B2B content marketing apart from different types of content marketing is that it is use exclusively by business, for busines.

This is not run-of-the-mill consumer-facing content.

How Does B2B Content Marketing Differ from B2C Content Marketing?

B2B content has to be helpful above all else. If the reader cannot apply the actionable elements of your content to their work or business, it’s miss the mark.

This doesn’t mean you can’t publish the odd off-topic think piece or two now and again, but as a B2B content marketer, seen and famouse as a leading resource for professionals in your industry should be your top priority.

How can you do B2B Content Marketing?

Now that we know what B2B content is let’s look at leveraging this marketing channel’s power. There are a lot of variables to consider, so let’s dive in.

Identify Your Ideal Audience.

Before you can give your audience the content it craves, you have to know as much as you can about it.

However, although you may segment audiences by the stage of the funnel they happen to be in, each audience comprises individual people.

This is why reader personas – similar to buyer personas – are so important.

You may be thinking that your business’s audience is too broad to be define in this way, and, to a certain extent – you might be right. You can only get so grainy before you have settled for a broader definition of the audience reading your content. Anyways, you can get a lot grainier about your audiences by exploring your Google Analytics data.

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You can learn a good amount about the people visiting your website.

You can see all of the demographic information, such as gender, age, and location, as valuable interest data shows the topics they have interest in. This is very important as if it’s not central to your business, it provides a way for you to “land and expand” into new, tangentially relevant subject areas, as the ghostwriting services in USA explain in this post about thought leadership.

How to Develop New Content Ideas Consistently?

One of the most significant challenges facing content marketers in any vertical is consistently coming up with new content ideas.

It’s easy to think of things to write about when you’re just starting, but if you’ve been at the content marketing game for a while, you’ve probably experienced a drought of ideas at some point.

One of the greatest ways to identify new topics in your niche is to see what people share and talk about on social media.

There are so many online marketing tools, including tools for B2B marketers that can do this, but one of our favorites is BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo will allow you to examine real-time information from across all leading social media platform networks to identify which topics in your industry are gaining the most traction.

This is based on how you can prepare your marketing content that will either represent a different angle to your existing topic. Like you can show the side of your content to which the audience may crave.

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