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Cloud Computing in Bangladesh- Transforming Business into Digital

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Cloud Computing in Bangladesh- Transforming Business into Digital

Cloud computing using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Omni-Cloud, Containers and Microservices are significant revolutions in the business industry at Bangladesh

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand accessibility of computer framework resources, especially data storage and computing power, without users’ direct intervention. It relies on the sharing of data resources to gain coherence and economies of scale. It is the most effective and tremendous service in the world. Due to the extensive and marginalize technology adopted by the top to bottom tech companies, cloud computing is essential. Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform are the leading cloud service provider that offers the most secure and scalable service and store all the big data of top Tech companies. They offer a new dimension of service and pathway of data access from anywhere in the world. The employees can access confidential data from remote locations and multiple computers through the web. The advanced cloud service provides data security, prohibits hacking and data breaches, and removes the client from the complex, administrative, expensive cloud services offering highly automated computing capabilities, high availability, and scalability. Bangladesh drives into the technological and data ocean. Cloud computing is the most crucial topic in the country. It will help digital Bangladesh through high connectivity and computer literacy and help mark the government goal of vision 2021. Bangladesh youth generation is starting the landmark of E-Commerce and ride delivery services through using cloud computing framework. The tech startups of Bangladesh turn into a billion-dollar industry. These tech companies rely more on cloud services such as Amazon Web service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. The local cloud service has also become popular in Bangladesh. Cloud Experts Ltd provides extensive cloud management services at a cheap rate.

History of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is not the latest technology. It evolved through multiple developments from continuous research from top tech providers. By 2020 the cloud computing platform is predicted to exceed around $241 Billion in industry. In early 1960, computer scientist John McCarthy was coming with the cloud computing concept. In 1969 J.C.R Licklider was developed ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). His idea was an interconnected data management system that everyone can share and collect their information. In 1970 cloud-based virtualization tool named VMware was invented and can operate on multiple virtual machines. In 2006 Amazon first developed the Elastic Compute cloud model where users can use the service pay you go model. In 2014 global cloud business capital reach around £ 103.8 bn.

Significance of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is a tremendous topic in 2021. Due to the increasing number of smartphones and PC, cloud computing turns crucial. Businesses can get immense benefits using cloud computing solutions and cloud migration services. Cloud services provide access to data worldwide at minimum cost. The world’s top service providers such as AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, and GoogleCloud businesses can minimize tons of hours of workload, and relentless service provides to their customers. Cloud monitoring and cloud disaster recovery services have provided the best security

The Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing has a lot of help on both business and consumer levels. The RapidScale report shows that around 94% of businesses claimed as much development on their service after switching to the cloud computing system. Cloud computing allows all kinds of features and file sharing facilities. Almost every people in internet users are already using cloud computing framework even they do not realize it. Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, TurboTax, Quora, Youtube are all cloud-based applications. Cloud-based applications using encryption of data become less accessible by hackers to data bleaching.

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Cloud computing provides extensive security and data management facilities. It protects from a data breach by hackers.


Cost-effectiveness is the most significant benefit of the cloud computing system, and it provides the highest level of service at a low cost


You can get instant update facilities at cloud computing and it provide effective reliability


Cloud computing provides extensive ability to increase and decrease an IT infrastructure


Cloud computing boost up the enterprise service perforce

Top Cloud Platform Provider Companies in the World:

Cloud Computing in Bangladesh- Transforming Business into Digital Cloud computing has to turn into a profitable business because most top companies focus on developing their cloud service. We discuss the world top 5 cloud service provider in the world in 2021

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon was the first to offer cloud management service at the infrastructure stage in 2018. Every year it introduces groundbreaking service to the users. Amazon has launched a second-generation Graviton processor and boost up its benefits. In 2020 Amazon Web Service’s net revenue was $48 billion.

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is placed second after AWS. It benefits from software as a service framework—azure using AI and machine learning and achievement at the cloud industry turn as unbeatable to the market. Microsoft’s commercial cloud official revenue is $57 billion.

Google Cloud Platform:

Google cloud platform achieve the third position due to its numerous cloud management services, including Google meet, G-Suite. Google meet is booming during the COVID-19 pandemic among remote workers and students. Google developed a multi-cloud industry, and net revenue is $13.6 billion.

IBM Cloud:

IBM worked with hybrid cloud, automation, and AI. In 2020, IBM doubled down on Red Hat and introduced multiple platforms of managed services in 2021. IBM’s accusation of $34 billion for Red Hat helps numerous their revenue growth. Annual revenue is $37 billion.

Oracle Cloud:

Oracle is the among top ten cloud computing platform in the world. It provides database storage, cloud application services.

Digital Ocean:

Digital Ocean is an incredible american cloud service provider situated in New York withe worldwide cloud data centre. It offers service provider to deploy and scale cloud based applications that run concurrently on multiple data platforms

Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing:

Artificial Intelligence is in the ground breaking at cloud computing field. AI tools use to add more value to cloud computing platforms. SaaS (software as a service) suppliers add Artificial Intelligence tools into larger software frameworks to offer greater functionality to end-users. Salesforce recently developed Einstein, a cloud AI tool that automatically captures customer data, making it easier to track and personalize customer preference.

Recent Cloud Computing Technology Trends:

Cloud computing helps businesses robust growth and multiple profits, and easy access to data preference from the users. The modern cloud computing platform using the latest technology to increase more strong cloud platform. It helps businesses to adopt advance technology

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DevOps and cloud together provide leading cloud management solutions. DevOps automation provides centralized based testing, deployment, and cloud data production.

Internet of Things (IoT):

Most IoT devices use the cloud database to connect these customer frameworks and generate tons of data stored on cloud-based applications.


Kubernetes is the open-source container orchestration framework for automating cloud-based application deployment, scaling, and management.

Classification of Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud computing services are various types according to your company’s demand. It is classified into four signal segments.

  • Infrastructure as a service(IaaS)
  • Platform as a service( PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Recovery as a service (RaaS)

The PaaS is useful for applications, development, and offering cloud components and assistance. The IaaS helps you to manage applications, data, middleware, and Oses. It may provide you with more space for expansion when you need more data room. Saas eliminates the traditional on-device software, making applications and popular at the enterprise level. It helps with data, middleware, Oses, data virtualization, runtime, and networking for relentless cloud service. The other type of cloud service, called Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), is utilized to protect and store data or applications.

Cloud Computing models category Cloud Computing model can be categorized into

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Community Cloud

The public and private cloud models are different cloud management services. The hybrid cloud models offering both public and private cloud models service depending on the company demand. The community cloud management service provided access to the same data and application between different Organizations such as Google and Amazon, sometimes sharing their data for mutual benefit.

Digital Bangladesh and the Future of Cloud Computing:

The government of Bangladesh is more focused on developing an IT framework. In several areas, they built Tech Park. Bangladesh, as a market, has observed enormous growth in its cloud transformation from traditional services over the last few years. From the tech industry to telecommunications, financial institutions, local businesses are booming with cloud management services. But a few years ago, the typical scenario was not like today. Many corporate sectors were using the classical method of storing data. This method causes to waste of an enormous amount of money and data bleaching through any causality. Cloud computing management through a corporate company is too much expensive and much security needed. They are building a data centre for storing all the required information in a warehouse-like complex with industrial-sized conditioning, generator, redundant, fibre, security services, and network connection. But cloud management companies relieve the extra barrier of storing data and doing possible services at low cost. Cloud computing services now adopt many top industries. They ensure more productive employees and future analysis for making considerable growth of their companies. In 2018, the data engineer expert predicted that more than half of the business companies would adopt cloud computing worldwide. Adopting cloud computing will change the employee’s working pattern, and customers can easily access the necessary data. For developing countries like Bangladesh, the cloud management service provides the users with a cost-effective and proficient means to manage many IT resources. The big giant cloud companies such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle work actively with their partner organization in Bangladesh. They are witnessing multiple business prospects in the country as there are 160 million people in the country. They produce massive data as there are limitations from the government hosting government data outside of the country. Microsoft is focusing only on working in the private sector for cloud management services in Bangladesh. The significance of the Bangladesh cloud journey is that it has helped organizations recognize the importance of shifting into an OPEX (operational expenditure) modelfrom a CAPEX (capital expenditure) model. The CEO of top tech companies in Bangladesh now understand cloud management’s effectiveness to help their business model reach a new level. For the Bangladeshi industry, the reality is that technology-driven disruption occurs rapidly, and businesses must sprint to keep up with fast-changing parameters. The competition between the business industry, expectations from the clients and effectiveness, speed of delivery, and quality of the service are the main consequence of shifting data management cloud services in Bangladesh.

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How cloud computing helps businesses to digital in Bangladesh?

  • Cloud computing is a leading service provider to gain a competitive edge and data-driven services in the business.
  • Cloud Computing uses updated technology: Cloud computing using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Big Data analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, serverless, Omni-cloud, containers, and microservices are significant revolutions in the business industry. Cloud computing helps to automation at businesses:
  • Bangladesh businesses are adopted cloud-based applications that increase their business growth and productivity at the next level.
  • Businesses use chatbots such as Alexa and Google Assistant, Messenger chatbot to connect with their clients quickly.  For better performance, they are now using Skype, Telegram for better communication with their clients. The Blockchain one kind of cloud computing helps with serverless banking, logistics, healthcare, and many more service. 
  • In Bangladesh, cloud computing helps achieve these services at a low cost. Bangladesh’s top company already adopted cloud management services that cause booming in the IT and telecommunication industry. In the future, cloud management becomes more prevalent in Bangladesh, and customers will be more dependent on cloud-based management platforms.
  • Big companies of Bangladesh are getting more digitized adopted cloud computing technology. They are automating their company workflow and work pattern. Advanced Enterprise resource planning, Business automation are more prevalent in Bangladesh businesses. But cloud management of a large number of business data is still a challenge in Bangladesh.

Cloud Experts Ltd – Best Cloud Service Provider in Bangladesh

Cloud Experts Ltd is the one of the top managed cloud service, solution, and consulting provider to modernize technology. It uses automation for architecting enterprise IT and cloud services. We simplify and optimize the cloud journey and leverage cloud technology to solve business challenges in Bangladesh.We provide the most effective cloud management service and offer the most advance and update cloud service in Bangladesh cheaply. We made a partnership with world-leading cloud service providers to provide you with the most advance and secure data management service.

On the top analysis, Bangladesh has a huge market for cloud service providers. The Giant cloud management companies such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, IBM Cloud, etc. services are already working with their partner organizations in Bangladesh. Our company, the Cloud Experts Ltd partnership with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, provides extensive cloud management services in Bangladesh.

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