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5 types of investments that you can easily invest.

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1. Mutual fund-

Mutual fund companies collect money from people and some of them invest in the stock market and share people’s profits. You can get 10-15% annual growth in a mutual fund. But if mutual fund companies lose, so do you.

It is Best type of investment.

Nowadays it is very easy to invest in mutual funds. If you can invest a small amount per month. That’s why you can also invest in mutual funds.

The advantage of investing in a mutual fund direct scheme is that you do not have to pay a commission. Therefore, your return on long-term investment will be much higher. One problem with investing in such a mutual fund is that you do the research yourself.

There are 4 types of mutual fund investments.

  1. Equity Mutual Fund
  2. Debt mutual funds
  3. Hybrid Mutual Fund
  4. Solution-Oriented Mutual Fund

2. Share market-

The stock market is a market where shares of various companies are traded. It is like any other general market where people work to buy stocks.

It is a form of investment with risk and high returns. If you want to invest in the stock market, you need to know this.

You know mutual funds, you can invest in mutual funds. What happens is you buy shares of a company. For example, if it goes up to Rs 100 and it costs Rs 110, then you will get a profit of 10% here, but if it becomes Rs 90, then you will get there will be a loss of 10%. So, you should have knowledge about the stock market.

There are 7 types of shares

  1. Common share.
  2. Fixed common shares
  3. Non-voting common stock
  4. Redeemable shares
  5. Share of choice
  6. Accumulated selection shares
  7. Remember the choice part.

3. Fixed deposit

We get more interest by saving the FD account. In a savings account, we get 3% to 6% interest and in FD we get 7% to 9% interest.

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You can also get FD in any bank or private company. Bank account holders can decide for themselves the amount of FD and for how long.

An FD is a great investment for an individual who does not know much about investing or the stock market.

There are 5 types of Fixed deposits.

  1. A fixed deposit is a safe investment.
  2. Your fixed deposits will not be affected by market fluctuations, which will protect your investment capital.\
  3. Some financiers also offer higher interest rates on FDs to senior citizens.
  4. No risk on a fixed income, guaranteed return, and principal amount.
  5. You can choose to pay interest from time to time to manage your monthly expenses.

4. Post office time deposit-

Post office fees are similar to time deposit bank FDs. Time Deposit Account Post-time fees are the most popular savings scheme. People choose this investment because of the good return on this type of investment.

Here you get an interest rate of 7 to 8% and here you can get minimum and maximum amount FD.

5. Gold-

The fall in global production has led to a recession in the global economy and many property classes are not getting good returns. In such a scenario, gold has become a safer option for investors around the world.

Although the demand for body gold is currently declining as it is locked, people are investing digitally in gold.

The top 5 types of gold are investments and purchases.

  1. Buy body gold from local jewelers.
  2. Investment in Gold ETFs (Transactional Trading Funds).
  3. Gold Accumulation Scheme (GAP).
  4. Buy and sell gold on futures/options sites.
  5. Investment in Sovereign Gold Bonds issued by Government of India

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