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Traditional Festivals of United Arab Emirates

Samantha Green

Every year several festivals are organized in the United Arab Emirates. United Arab Emirates is well-known for its vibrant celebrations and festivals.

The traditional festivals are a magnificent moment where we learn about our people’s history and develop a thorough understanding of the Force for social change cultural heritage. It makes us proud of our ethnic and geographical identities.

If anyone wants to see the culture and traditions of the United Arab Emirates, you will need a tour of UAE

The festivals of the United Arab Emirates are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. These festivals are a part of the cultural heritage of the people, who have been celebrating them for centuries. The festival season is observed in different parts of the UAE with great interest.

The festival season is a time when people from all walks of life join together to celebrate their culture and tradition. This is also an excellent opportunity for tourists to witness the rich culture and traditions, which are unique to each region and tribe

An overview of some famous UAE festivals is provided in this article.

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The following are some of the most popular traditional festivals that are celebrated by people across the country

  • National Day: 

The National Day is celebrated on December 2nd, annually. It was established by President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 1979 and is celebrated as a national holiday in the UAE.

  • Eid ul Fitr:

A Muslim festival marking the end of Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr is celebrated by Muslims around the world. Also celebrated is the end of the holy month of Ramadan with prayers, fasting, and family gatherings.

  • Eid ul Adha:

The festival is celebrated by Muslims all over the world to commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael, which was accepted by Allah when he saw that Ishmael was innocent and pure from any sin or wrongdoings he may have committed during his lifetime as a human being or as an animal or anything else that could be considered sinful or wrong according to Islamic teachings

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Ramadan kareem:

This festival is observed on the first day of Shawwal (a month in the Islamic calendar). It is celebrated with great pomp and shown by Muslims all over UAE. It is a traditional festival for all the Muslims in the country

Festival of lights: 

It is celebrated on December 1st in Dubai. The people celebrate this day by lighting up all the buildings and roads with thousands of lights.

Festival of flowers: 

The Festival of Flowers is one of the most popular traditional festivals in the United Arab Emirates. It occurs on the first day of spring (march 21). The festival celebrates the coming of spring and welcomes new life with flowers, plants, and trees. This festival has been taking place since the early 1900s when it was introduced by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who was president at that time.

The main purpose of this festival is to encourage people to plant gardens and have flowers in them. They also want to showcase their skills and creativity as artists who can create beautiful designs for their gardens.

Traditional Festivals of camel racing: 

This is a very popular one among all festivals in the United Arab Emirates. Camel racing has been an exhibition at the annual festival since 1922 The festival is conducted from December till the last week of January’ which is considered the best time to hold a camel race.

In a festival, various competitions are held among participants, and winners in each contest are awarded a good amount of money and valuable trophies. Thus, it is also regarded as an opportunity for amateurs to get a grip on this lucrative business.

Science festivals:

Science Festival attracts around 12000 people, including 27000 schoolchildren. The Abu Dhabi Science Festival is in its eighth year of encouraging people and experts alike in the field of digitalization. This scientific festival in Abu Dhabi features over 95 events for children and adults, including seminars and interactive displays.

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International film festivals:

The Dubai International Film Festival began in 2004. It has been on record as the biggest film festival in the Arab world. The event consists of various sections such as Short Films, National Films, and Arab Short Films and it also features an official competition for films made in the region called DIFF – Dubai International Awards.

so, in UAE culture, there are many occasions in a year that are celebrated and given special importance. The Traditional festivals of the United Arab Emirates have a unique influence on the culture of the United Arab Emirates. The tradition to celebrate these festivals is still prevalent in this region. In most traditions, the participation of men, women, children, and elders is equal. Several cultures, languages, and traditions are present in this region

Traditional festivals in UAE are varied and unique. Each festival has its significance and relates to a different aspect of life. The article mentions the various types of traditional festivals of UAE, celebrations, and customs. Festivals play an important role in every country. It helps to make people happy by uniting communities together. The special thing about these festivals is that they are celebrated with great joyfulness and passion.


There are many festivals across the 4 emirates, here we have studied Islamic communities in The United Arab Emirates who celebrate the traditional festivals with passion.

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