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All About the TOEFL Exam and TOEFL Admit Card

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The first Important thing about TOEFL is that it stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is one of the most renowned exams that is taken by the American and Canadian Universities to check the English proficiency of the students who are willing to join foreign universities for their higher studies. TOEFL reflects a proper understanding of the English language in foreign countries.

Mainly, the TOEFL is conducted by the ETS which stands for Educational Testing Services. The ETS is responsible for everything related to the TOEFL. For instance, the ETS is the sole responsible body for preparing the question papers, leading the exam, and revealing the scores of each student, and sending to them via mail or text messages.

Students who are interested in studying abroad will get a proper and appropriate understanding of the TOEFL. Moreover, the students can select the relevant dates for the exam as per their concerns and requirement. So, students must continue reading this article to know all the TOEFL exams, their date of appearing, the TOEFL Admit card, and the declaration of the result as well.

What is the need for TOEFL?

As we have mentioned above, the TOEFL is the exam required for checking the English language skills of the candidates. So, the TOEFL helps the students to get the most preferable advantage of being observed by the admission in-charges of the foreign universities or colleges. English is the key language for every university and college in India or many foreign countries.

The TOEFL represents the real and true capabilities of each candidate and thus, boosts their confidence level. Also, encourage them more to survive in a new university in new countries. Moreover, it helps you to know that you are away more prepared than others if you have scored a good score in your TOEFL exams.

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Scoring a good mark not only encourages confidence in students but also helps the students to get several scholarship benefits in some universities abroad. Students from finically weak backgrounds get the opportunity to score well in the exam and get a scholarship. It helps them to lower their burden of higher education in Foreign Countries.

Eligibility Norms for the TOEFL Exam

Now, it is very much clear to everyone that every exam has its own eligibility standards to be cleared for appearing for it. Similarly, the TOEFL exam has its own standards set for the students who want to appear for the exam. Students can appear for the exam easily as the ETS has not set any such difficult criteria to be selected.

There are no age requirements, neither any higher education degree is required for appearing for the TOEFL Exam. Students get the opportunity of 50 times or even more than that, in a year to apply for the TOEFL Exam. Students get enough time to register for the exam as the registration starts before 5 to 6 months of each test. However, the registration process is available before 7 days from the date of the exam held.

We advise you to register as early as you can so that you can get the date and location as per your wishes and desires. The ETS has approx. more than 4000 centers available throughout the world. Students from any part of the world can easily get the nearest and preferable location for themselves. After the complete registration students must check for their TOEFL Admit cards, as they won’t be allowed for the exam without the TOEFL Admit cards.

Brief About the TOEFL Admit Card

The TOEFL Admit card is the most important document required for appearing in the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL Admit card is the only key to enter the TOEFL Exam hall. Otherwise, they won’t get an entry for the exam. Students can visit the official website of EDU and download the TOEFL Admit card.

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Steps to Download the TOEFL Admit Card

Follow the steps that are mentioned below, to download the TOEFL Admit card:

  1. Students need to visit the official website of the EDU and then register with their respective IDs and passwords.
  2. Once, you have logged in, you will see your TOEFL Admit card appearing on the desktop screen.
  3. Click on it to download it. Then, take a printout of it for proof that you are a valid registered candidate.

Showing it to the examination center, you will get the entry and easily appear for the exam. So, it is mandatory to keep the TOEFL Admit card safe and secure. The TOEFL exam will judge you and your capability. Moreover, it will help you to get to the best university throughout the world.

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