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5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings You’ve Ever Seen!

most expensive rings
  • Any expensive piece of jewelry, especially a ring is a medium to symbolize your love for your significant other.
  • Apart from fulfilling the marriage purpose, an engagement ring is a legacy for many people to pass into their children and grandchildren.
  • Even big celebrities and stars are mesmerized by this small and elegant piece of jewelry.

Marriage is one of the beautiful turning points of everybody’s life and when it comes to getting married, the importance of an engagement ring is undisputed. From a common man to a high-profile celebrity, everybody adores this small yet attractive diamond-studded jewelry as it signifies their strong relationship bond. Saying this let’s see some of the most expensive engagement rings in the world.

  1.  Maria Carey’s Emerald-cut Diamond Ring by James Packer – $10 million:

Popular American singer and songwriter Maria Carey have received the most expensive engagement ring till today. The ring has an emerald-cut diamond and is 35 carats designed by Wilfredo Rosado worth $10 million. It was gifted by her Australian fiancé and businessman James Packer. Unfortunately, Maria’s marriage to Packer was called off after seven months of their engagement. Post-break-up, Maria retained this ring with her but reportedly she has now sold it to a Los Angeles jeweler for $2.1 million.

2. Kim Kardashian’s Cushion-cut Diamond Ring by Kanye West – $8.5 million:


Second, comes the upgraded ring of Kim Kardashian from the previous ring gifted by Kanye West. This ring was stolen in Paris in 2016. It is 20 carat engraved with ‘Adidas’ and designed by Lorraine Schwartz. This ring is an improved version of the previous ring which was 15 carats, cushion-cut and D Flawless diamond which was also designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

3. Elizabeth Taylor’s Asscher-cut Diamond Ring by Richard Burton – $8.8 million:

Popular British – American actress Elizabeth Taylor had owned the famous Krupp diamond ring gifted by the late Richard Burton in 1968. The ring has 33.19 carat-Asscher-cut diamond aka Krupp diamond. Elizabeth wore it consistently until her last breath. In 2011, Elizabeth Taylor’s estate sold the diamond ring for $8.8 million in an auction.

4. Beyonce’s Emerald-cut Diamond Ring by Jay-Z – $5 million: The American singer-songwriter is also blessed with an emerald-cut diamond ring worth $5 million gifted by her husband Jay-Z. The ring is 18-carat flawless diamond ring with a split shank. The ring is designed by the most popular jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.

5. Paris Hilton’s Emerald-cut Diamond Ring by Paris Latsis – $4.7 million:

The stunning 24-carat Emerald cut diamond ring was gifted to Paris Hilton to buy her fiancé Paris Latsis. The ring was worth $4.7 million. However, a few months after the engagement, the couple split-up but Paris retained the ring at herself. Reportedly, to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Paris later auctioned it off for $2 million.

Despite many costly celebrity engagements rings have break-up stories behind them, the sparkle, glamour, and emotion associated with these beautiful gem-studded rings still signify the strong bonding between two souls for a lifetime.

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