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Things You Should Know for a Successful Cabin Crew Career

Arti Arlene Martyris

A cabin crew career involves traveling all the time. You’re going to travel for a living. This is the first thing you should know and agree to do before reading any further. The second most important part about being a crew member is being able to deliver excellent customer service.
Your passengers are your clients, and they would expect polite behavior, attention to detail, and efficiency of work at a consistent level. The job of an air steward or stewardess is certainly not an easy one, however, as you advance in your career, the pay goes up and the career opportunities for you are eventually widened.

It’s only normal for a student to be unsure of what they should choose as a career that would prove fruitful for them in the future. A cabin crew career is certainly a preferred one. For them wondering whether to go ahead with it or not, here are some points that could help make a decision:

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What is the cabin crew career about Professionally?

Do your research. Reading this blog is research, but you need to do extensive research before making your choice. Cabin crew members are flight attendants who are expected to ensure that passengers are safe and served well during the flight. Here are a few most important tasks of the routine work:

  • Ensuring the supplies are enough for the flight and the flights after during the day.
  • The emergency equipment should be working properly and the passengers should be given safety demonstrations before the flight takes off.
  • Serving meals and refreshments, and especially asking unwell passengers to remind you if they need anything.
  • Passengers should be given first aid if needed, and they should be disembarked safely.
  • Writing flight reports to notify the management of any unusual incidents in the flight that needs to be taken care of immediately.

These are the most important duties out of all that you would be expected to be good at. Your skills play a huge part in deciding whether you should go ahead with choosing a cabin crew career or not. So, to talk about skills you need to be a good listener and great in communication. Mathematical skills could be an added advantage, and teamwork and social skills are a must.

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How comfortable are you with the hours?

  • You will need to be flexible with the working hours, and willing to work during poor weather conditions and controversial political conditions of the destination countries. You might have to work during national holidays and festival seasons. The most challenging part is the rotational shift timings.

A cabin crew career is more difficult than that of a call center agent’s in a BPO. It is risky, involves your unrelenting dedication towards your designation, and a strong heart to be able to stay away from home for days and even weeks without getting homesick.

Is the cabin crew career payscale convincing?

  • All that struggle and hard work should not just be for a regular job, but also a comforting pay too at the end of the day. Some pay hourly some monthly, but the pay is considerably good. You may earn anywhere between $15000 to $20000 annually to start with, and the pay increases with time.

If you’re starting in your career it is better to begin at the age of 21 or before 25. Be a good swimmer, and ensure you are physically fit and energetic at all times. Your passport, the Disclosure and Barring Service check, etc, would come later, and you would be trained and well-informed about the conditions and regulations during the time of your study.

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